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Born and raised in Paragon City, Striker has spent all his life improving his community on a local level, mainly working with neighborhood watches and police.


The hero known as Striker is truly a hero. Born with altered genetics that made him look different than his peers. Having an extra layers of protection of his eyes and lacking any hair color, made him a freak to other children and constantly teased and beat up growing up in a poorer neighborhood of Paragon City. It wasn't until he entered his puberty that he gained his amazing powers. Muscle on top of muscle quickly developed and halted the abuse from others. Striker's skin slowly became more and more resistant until it reached levels of almost invulnerability. Instead of dawning a costume, he simply walked the streets of the neighborhood he grew up in. He eventually had to register himself as a licensed hero to avoid legal problems but avoided any big heroic issues, choosing to focus on his local area of Kings Row. He has teamed with Sin Stalker and other heroes but only within the area, never really leaving Kings Row.

During the second Rikti Invasion, he worked with many heroes, including his fellow Justice-Knights in defending Kings Row but refused even requests from his own group to defend other areas of the city. "If everyone moved to the main battlefronts, who will be left behind to defend the undefended?" was Strikers reply.

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