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"Scorned by Fate" was the name of a supervillain group in the City of Heroes MMO.

It was founded and run by James Normal, otherwise known as Sad Nice Guy, a sad and pathetic loser who somehow came across enough money to create his own group, and then was stupid enough to let it be shut down.

"Scorned by Fate" had a simple mission. It was a group for those who felt like they were dealt a bad hand in life. If they were always rejected, always shunned, always condemned for who they are or what they do, this was a group for them.

The members of the group never really saw themselves as part of a team. Most of them were not "team" players to begin with. They used the group for its resources and then left it.

At least one member left the group because she felt harassed by their leader. Other members suspected that it was because she resembled a certain centerfold model, which was also the alleged reason why he was eager to have her in the group.

Eventually Sad Nice Guy could no longer sustain the costs of the group, so it was shut down. No warnings or notices. One day things worked, then the next day they didn't.

Its various members moved on to other opportunities, but some of them were very bitter about how they were abandoned by their "leader". One reported member claimed he was injured and was in the process of being teleported to their makeshift infirmary when he ended up in the hospital and being hit with a huge medical bill.

Known Members

  • Kuso
  • Battyfox

(Note: This list is not complete.)

Related Information

The supergroup was never seen, but it was referenced in cryptic messages by its former members as they were once "scorned by fate in the day".