Recluse's Victory

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"Recluse's Victory" is a pocket dimension in the now-defunct City of Heroes MMO.

It is called such because it is believed that this is the point in the near future when Lord Recluse would in fact prevail in his bid to conquer the world.

In this time period, Recluse uses time anchors to change history to one where Arachnos would prevail in the past. When he has enough of these anchors in place, history of Atlas Park, and thus the world, would transform to one where he is the absolute ruler.

To prevent this from happening, Statesman and the rest of the Freedom Phalanx must not only destroy those time anchors, but they must establish their own versions which would erase Arachnos. As they do, Atlas Park also transforms to a world where the Freedom Phalanx are celebrated.

Divergent Timeline

It was originally believed that this would be a possible future for the Primal Universe. However, the deaths of Statesman and Sister Psyche and their continued existence in this supposed "possible future" have concluded that this area is in fact a pocket universe, separated from the Primal Universe through the devices employed.

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