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The Psychic Clockwork are a group of autonomous robots from the Universe Epsilon Tau 27-2 in the City of Heroes MMO.

For more information about the Clockwork of the Primal Universe, check out Clockwork.

Character History

It is believed that events in the universe Epsilon Tau 27-2 are similar (if not identical) to those of the Primal Universe, at least until the creation of the Clockwork King.

Prior to his organic body's demise, the Clockwork King was a formidable psychic. In the Primal Universe, this man's mind was badly damaged by insanity and trauma, so his psychic powers were limited. But in this world, his powers grew and matured to a dangerous level. He used his Sprockets to build not only his army, but also build a new body that would give him unlimited power.

It wasn't long before he faced opposition from that world's Freedom Phalanx. While his metal soldiers were no match against Statesman and the others, he had sheer numbers on his side, as well as fully-automated facilities that would replicate his minions quickly.

But then he faced serious competition from the group's psychic, Sister Psyche. Psyche attacked him directly, and was far more experienced in psionic battle than him. The King was forced to retreat, but not give up.

He found a way to replicate some of his psychic powers through psychic resonators. These mimicked telepathic abilities without needing an organic mind. He then put these in his elite soldiers and sent them out to once again attack the civilized world.

Again, he was nearly unstoppable. But then he came across someone that stopped him cold, only not with her powers.

A young woman named Penelope Yin caught his organic eye, and she ended up being the one that gave him pause just long enough for the heroes to win the day.

It was clear that the Clockwork King was in love with the young telepath, but she had no love for him. This frustrated him to no avail.

Finally he decided that if he can't have her, nobody will. He launched his most aggressive attack yet, giving every soldier psionic resonators and ordering them to do more than just incapacitate. He ordered them to kill every human being on sight.

When it was over, the Clockwork King was left standing, and the human race was obliterated.

Unfortunately that also included his love. But just like he was able to save himself with his new body, Penelope Yin was given a new life in a new Clockwork body. The Clockwork Queen lives!

Related Information

Badge Vortex.png This entry deals with an alternate universe.

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The Psychic Clockwork appeared in "Furia and the Guardians" #7.