Millennium City Police Department

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The Millennium City Police Department or "MCP" is the official law enforcement for Millennium City in the world of Champions Online MMO.


With numerous overlapping jurisdictions running around Millennium City, from PRIMUS to UNTIL, and even The Champions, it's easy to forget that there is still a police department in the city. There is still a mechanism for law and order and maintaining the peace, even if it seems like it doesn't exist.

But they're still out there. They're still doing everything they can to keep the city together with supervillains running amok. And while they would rather hold their own, they know to trust the heroes to provide help when possible.

You can find the MCP headquarters in the Downtown district along the waterline, not far from the downed Rikti spaceship.

Related Information

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The MCP is under the watchful eye of Chief Surhoff. More often than not, you can find him outside the prison.