Libertarian Angels

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The "Libertarian Angels" was a cute nickname for the original group of female heroes in the City of Heroes MMO that were featured in "The Guardian Powers" comic series.

It was in reference to the 70's TV series "Charlie's Angels" which featured beautiful female detectives working for the unseen "Charlie".

The "Angels"

  • Galatea Powers - Sexy, beautiful, and seemingly the most powerful woman in Paragon City. Oh, and she has a great fan-base.
  • Lyon Powers - Cute, spunky, and just starting to learn what she can do.

The "Bosley"

Because every team of "Angels" have to have a "Bosley" to do the dirty work.


  • Libertarian Avenger - The "Libertarian" in "Libertarian Angels" is actually the city's District Attorney, Alex Wentworth. Of course this had to be kept a secret from the public, which is why Icon Powers was there.