Leopold Simms

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Leopold Simms is a character set in the world of the City of Heroes MMO. He is the first (and current) director of the United Nations Space Agency.

Character History

Leopold Simms always wanted to go into space. He dreamed of being an astronaut. Unfortunately, a heart murmur made it impossible for him to enlist in the military or to pass the physical requirements to become an astronaut.

But that didn't stop him from trying to get involved with going into space. He became an air traffic controller and that eventually led him to Starshot Aerospace, an upstart private space agency in the 1990's trying to authorize private space transportation. Their first trip into the boundaries of space was in 1998. Simms was rocketed to fame, however, when Starshot II experienced a mechanical failure, and he had to talk the crew into jury-rigging a way to right the vessel to make a safe re-entry. The news reports showed Starshot II gliding to landing with Statesman and several American fighters flying escort.

The Rikti War of 2002 ended Starshot Aerospace along with all the other private and public space agencies. But Statesman remembered the Starshot II incident and recommended Simms for the position of director of the new United Nations Space Agency, which would replace the myriad of national and private space agencies.

Related Information

Leopold Simms was first seen in "Furia and the Guardians" #17.