Golden Hawkfire

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Golden Hawkfire
The Burning Hunter
Creator: David 2/Battlerock X
First Appearance: The Guardian Powers #1
Game: City of Heroes
Personal Data
Real Name: Kemper Hollander
Known Aliases: none
Species: Human (cursed)
Age: '
Height: '
Weight: '
Eye Color: '
Hair Color: '
Biographical Data
Nationality: German
Occupation: adventurer
Place of Birth: '
Base of Operations: '
Marital Status: '
Known Relatives: '
The Guardian Powers
Known Powers
Known Abilities

Golden Hawkfire is a character in the now-defunct City of Heroes MMO.

Character History

Early Years

Kemper Hollander was a German specialist in ancient religions when he got word of an ancient spirit being held by Mu Mystics. Upon further investigation, he discovered that the sprit being contained was the spirit of a demigod named Pyrix. Pyrix had been defeated and banished to containment by the goddess Hequat, never to be freed except by death.

Kemper came across the container holding Pyrix and was compelled to open the container. When he did, he was bonded to Pyrix, giving him power, but it also bound the demigod to another "container"; one that could be killed.

For years he operated as a hero, trying to find ways to free Pyrix in any way that would not result in himself dying. But as the years passed, Pyrix grew restless. He yearned for death, and thus compelled his host to take on more and more risky challenges to kill him and be freed.

However, instead of dying, every victory gave Kemper more power, and gave Pyrix more control over him. Hequat would not allow him to kill himself, and as Pyrix got more powerful, it became harder and harder for him to be killed.

Under advice from several heroes, including Statesman, he returned to Europe to find some way to "return" the artifacts he acquired to their rightful owners.

Return to Paragon City

For reasons that would be revealed later, Golden Hawkfire was compelled to return to Paragon City. He believed this was to face Galatea Powers and finally die in battle, but there was another reason for his return which involved going to The Hollows.

Finally facing Galatea in an all-out battle in the Hollows, Golden Hawkfire used his god-like powers to create mystical fire-minions that would spread fire across the wooded area of the zone. But instead of being killed by Galatea, Pyrix collapsed. Galatea had Golden Hawkfire rushed to a MAGI facility where he would be put in an induced coma until they could come up with a way to separate Kemper and Pyrix.

"Galatea's Bad Day"

Galatea would "see" Golden Hawkfire in "The Guardian Powers" #10 as part of a nightmare, only this time he would be a ghost that would taunt her for not "saving" Paragon City.

Powers and Abilities

Golden Hawkfire's primary ability is "fiery melee". He can use the power of fire to bolster his physical attacks.

His secondary ability is "Fiery Aura". He can use the same flames to bolster his own defenses.

As Golden Hawkfire, he also has wings that allow him to fly.

He was later powerful enough to create fire-based minions that would have the same powers as him, but on a lesser level.

Related Information

According to creator Battlerock X/David 2, the character is inspired by the many incarnations of the DC superhero Hawkman, along with the character "Hawk" from the Buck Rogers TV series.