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Guys & Gals Ready To Rock & Roll!
Author: Night Hornet
Author Aliases: '
Games: City of Heroes
Genre: Suspense/drama/comedy
Series Type: ongoing
Date Premiered: 08/2008
Number of Issues: 23
Date of Last Issue: '
Average Issue Length: '
Main Cast
Hailstorm, Night Hornet, Neo-Chamber, Just Rose, Fez, Tired Angel, King Kirby, Clickwork, Major Control, Virtue, Pathos, Cobalt Blaze, Apocalyptic Jester & Aspen
Programs Used

GGRRR Comics

The comics are a team book and written in a Marvel silver age style, with the first story arc based around City of Heroes, however subsequent story arcs have moved away from this a little. Originally the comic was conceived as a fan comic for the Defiant supergroup GGRRR (Guys & Gals Ready to Rock & Roll) and still features many of my friends from that group while also featuring some of my toons.

After completing the first story arc I decided to attempt to give the book it's own continuity with many complex themes and in-jokes running through the issues. The series is best described as suspense, with stories often told with flashbacks and pseudo existential leanings, also the comic follows a cinematic approach to comic story telling and has many pop culture references.

Core charcters used so far:

Hailstorm, Night Hornet, Neo-Chamber, English Rose, Fez, Tired Angel, King Kirby, Clickwork, Major Control, Virtue, Pathos, Cobalt Blaze, Apocalyptic Jester & Aspen

New readers should be advised that issue 18 is a good starting point, if you can't manage all the issues

--Warning Kitten lovers BEWARE!--

Author Night Hornet

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Story Arcs

Smoke and Mirrors (issues 1-6)

A city of Heroes inspired story introducing many of the regular cast. The first issue was originally made as a "test" comic and expanded into a series after many requests. This tale involves surprise villains, poetry and ultimately a hero questioning his own reality.

Note - These issues were produced using CBC

Page1.jpgRead Issue 1

Page2.jpgRead Issue 2

Page3.jpgRead Issue 3

Page4.jpgRead Issue 4

Page5.jpgRead Issue 5

Page6.jpgRead Issue 6

Hyperthymesia (issues 7-11)

A story based around origins, not only do we learn some of the origins of some of the popular GGRRR members but we also gain an insight into what makes a hero a hero and likewise a villain a villain. This arc has been praised for it character depth with readers stating that they "care for the characters". Features Gods, Angels, Robots and erm......kittens.

Note - these issues were the first that I started to use Photoshop/Comic Life and a graphics tablet.

Page7.jpgRead Issue 7 Read (script version)

Page8.jpgRead Issue 8

Page9.jpgRead Issue 9

Page10.jpgRead Issue 10

Page11.jpgRead Issue 11

A Pathos Mini-Comic (ties into issue 10)

Pathos.jpgRead Pathos Mini-Comic

The Schizoid Man (issues 12-18)

GGRRR faces it's greatest danger as it's leader is replaced by an impostor and one by one it's long standing members are taken out. The arc includes elements woven into the previous arcs and features dinosaurs, the surprise downfall of Fez along with Night Hornet's loss of his grip on reality.

Page12.jpgRead Issue 12 - A Day In The Life Of Hailstorm

Page13.jpgRead Issue 13 - The Hero That Time Forgot

Page14.jpgRead Issue 14 - All That Glitters...

Ggrrr15.jpgRead Issue 15 - Memento Mori

Ggrrr16.jpgRead Issue 16 - Saepenumero

Ggrrr.jpg17 - The End of Everything

Xmas.jpg-Issue 18 - Christmas Special

A Wilderness of Mirrors (issues 19-30)

A new Villain team arises and we gain new insights into the personal lives of many of GGRRR's members. New relationships are forged and some old one's are broken in perhaps the most emotional GGRRR story so far. How will the team deal with the unlikely menace of the Tax Man! The storyline will challenge the very nature of existence for our heroes. Mutliple sub-plots will all converge and produce an unexpected finale. This arc comes complete with a new art style.

If you're new to GGRRR then Issue 19 is a great junping in piont

Ggrrr19.jpg-Issue 19 - By Any Other Name

Ggrrr20.jpg-Issue 20 A Wilderness Of Mirrors

Ggrrr21.jpg-Issue 21 Dear Rosie

G22.jpg-Issue 22 My Sister My Enemy

G23.jpg-Issue 23 That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore

Ggrrr24.jpg-Issue 24 King Without A Crown

Ggrrr25.jpg-Issue 25 The Last Enemy

Ggrrr26.jpg-Issue 26 The Horror of Reality