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Frostfire is a villain in the City of Heroes MMO. He is also the leader of the mutant gang known as the Outcasts. You can often find him in The Hollows hiding amid the abandoned buildings.

Character History

(From his Paragon Wiki entry...)

Leonard Calhoun grew up in a middle-class neighborhood of Steel Canyon in the 1970s. Details of his home life are sketchy, but do not raise any red flags. His psychiatrist’s report mentions an early obsession with super-powered heroes, which may eventually have flipped to loathing.

Calhoun claimed his powers manifested in his early teen years. He was able to generate extreme temperatures – both hot and cold – from his body. GIFT researchers believe he is able to generate temperatures of up to approximately 1500 °C and down to -75 °C.

Calhoun was first arrested for a disastrously failed attempt at super-powered heroism. At age 17, he witnessed an attempted armed robbery at a convenience store. Although he had neither training nor experience, he intervened, freezing both the robber and store clerk in blocks of ice. He then attempted to melt the clerk free, but the stress caused his powers to “spasm” uncontrollably. His fire powers ignited the building, and the ensuing inferno destroyed the building. Although Calhoun escaped unharmed, several people were killed in the blaze, including the clerk and the robber.

Calhoun surrendered himself to the authorities. Although the District Attorney’s Office offered a deal for 5 years of jail time acknowledging his pure motives, Calhoun refused, believing wrongly that the jury would find him innocent. He was stunned by his conviction. Still, the judge was extremely lenient in his instructions, and a relatively light sentence was handed down as Calhoun’s heart was judged to be in the right place.

Was this the breaking point for Calhoun? The psychiatrist’s report implies that this is where he snapped, and he succumbed to a “if you’re going to treat me like a villain” mentality. While being transported to the Zigursky Penitentiary, Calhoun broke free, seriously injuring the guards.

Calhoun, now calling himself Frostfire, made a name for himself on the streets. His strong personality acted as a magnet for numerous low-powered kids already entering the gang lifestyle. Although the gang is very fractious, they defer to his leadership. Frostfire has carved out a strong base of operations in Steel Canyon, and is rising as a threat.

Related Information

Frostfire's repeated encounters with the police and the heroes and the relative ease in which he somehow manages to escape both jail and the Zig has become a political joke and a talking point for those critical of heroes.