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The GREATEST Supervillain you will EVER KNOW!


Creator: Cryptic Studios
First Appearance: Future's Guardian #12
Game: Champions Online
Personal Data
Real Name: Freddy Foswell
Known Aliases: The Awesomely-Impressive Extremely Uncanny Foxbat
Species: Human
Age: You don't need to know that.
Height: Tall enough to be recognized.
Weight: Large and in charge, baby!
Eye Color: The bestest to see you, dearie!
Hair Color: I have all mine.
Biographical Data
Nationality: American (the 1% kind)
Occupation: Greatest Supervillain you will EVER know! E-V-E-R!!!
Place of Birth: The pages of legends
Base of Operations: Where legends take me
Marital Status: Always single and available... for the LADIES!!!
Known Relatives: Who cares about them?
Future's Guardian
Known Powers
Being Awesomely Cool!
Known Abilities
Being Awesome and commanding a HUGE fanbase!
Only the most ultimate in ultra-cool devices of my own creation! I make them all and I do my own stunts too!
Badge ChampionsHero.png This character is a villain in the world of Champions Online.
NPC.png This entry is an In-Game Non-Player Character.

"Greetings hero! Whomever you are, you should be proud of yourself, because now you have caught the attention of the most dynamic villain in history! Yes, be proud of the fact that you have officially appeared on the radar of the one and the only… FOXBAT! Please feel free to take this time to introduce yourself to me so I know whom I should taunt in my future criminal exploits. And if you feel the need to pee in your tights, well, that’s to be expected when you make it to the big time."


Foxbat is the public name for Millennium City's "Greatest Supervillain Ever... E-V-E-R!".

But really FOXBAT is the only name you should ever think about.

Foxbat doesn't just "think" he is great...


Who Is Foxbat?

Foxbat is the spoiled child of rich parents. They didn't die, but they did lose their money, and that was an even worse sin for the young man who loved comic books and collecting action figures more than life itself. So Foxbat decided to become a supervillain... because supervillains not only get all the money, but they also get all the cool stuff and all the cool women. After all, women LOVE the bad boys, right? And Foxbat is as bad of a bad boy as one can be.

Foxbat took every bit of money that he could beg, borrow (without any plans of repaying), and especially steal to make his super-cool outfit and establish himself as THE premiere supervillain for Millennium City.

And to PROVE this, he has his legions of fans and minions out there making sure that people KNOW just how awesome Foxbat is! No, really, he does! Not just the robotic minions that he built from old movie parts, but real human FANS! People that buy up his Foxbat shirts and his Foxbat pins and his "We're Number One" Foxbat foam-fingers, and will even buy the special Double-Chrome Ultimate Elite One-Shot "rare" printing of FOXBAT #0 comic book! You know, the one done by that Liarfielding guy!

Now if only someone will follow-through with a regular Foxbat comic series!

And did you know there was a Foxbat TV series? No, really, there was! And it was the coolest adventure series you could ever imagine, with an all-star cast and a veritable who's who of celebrity guest stars!

It's only a matter of time before the Guild of Villainous Intentions honors me for my deeds, and then I'll be truly legendary!

Oh, something else that Foxbat is REALLY great at?

Logging into Wiki Media websites like this one and writing his own entry. I mean, that is just HOW AWESOME Foxbat is!

Powers and Abilities

Foxbat is an inventor with money. Well, he used to have money. Now he has to take money to make money. But he's got friends and fans that will do that. And if those friends and fans get arrested, he'll make more. He can make plenty of robots minions who will record his villainous activities and make sure they're shown in the proper light. Oh, and he makes his own arsenal of really cool devices. How awesome is that?


"Foxbat is a self-absorbed narcissist that seeks worship to replace the lack of attention he got when he was a child..." blah-blah-blah psycho-babble stuff.

Okay, Foxbat is the coolest villain you will EVER know! That's all that you need to know. He parties-hardy and everyone knows it! You don't need to know that he was some geeky nerd who didn't have friends and was ignored by his parents and because of that he is over-compensating today with his friends and fans and minions.

I mean, who owns up to that sort of stuff?

Foxbat is the greatest! Period! That's all you need to know!

Related Information

(Please see Foxbat's Champions Online Wiki entry for more information.)

Foxbat is not seen but is mentioned in "Future's Guardian" #6. He "appears" via radio in Issue #11 and is eventually "seen" in Issue #12. He is "officially" seen in Issue #13 but... let's not talk about that.