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Flower Knight is a hero in the now-defunct City of Heroes MMO.

She is one of a few heroes who is entrusted with access to Ouroboros.

Character History

Kil-ja 'Kit' Sung is a young Korean-American who ignored her past for most of her life. She immersed herself in the modern age and all types of gadgets and technology. She found history to be stale and boring.

That all changed when she was visited by one of her ancestor spirits.

Her ancestor, Jun-tak, was a great warrior in his time and a master archer. Jun-tak explained that a time of great trouble must be met by all righteous warriors.

He presented Kil-ja with a mystic bow of great power and sent her to Paragon City to carry on the grand tradition of her family. Kit has not fully accepted her role as Flower Knight, but between the advice of her ancestor, the power of his mystic bow, and her expertise with gadgets, she is destined to be a mighty heroine in Paragon City.

In her early years in Paragon City, she was one of the first heroes assigned to the Outbreak zone to cordon off the people infected by a strange disease. Teamed with Coyote, she held her own and occasionally gave aid to new heroes who would be sent there to earn their stripes. Those new heroes would move on, but she never did.

In 2011, Outbreak was closed off and Flower Knight and Coyote would be sent to an even worse area: the devastated Galaxy City. They aided the Freedom Phalanx with the rescue of as many survivors as they could. Eventually they were freed up to pursue other challenges.

A version of Flower Knight has been seen in Ouroboros, but it is not known which version this is. Is she a younger or more mature version? Is she on her way to becoming a Mender? Or is she just hanging out?

Powers and Abilities

Flower Knight's primary ability is Archery. She carries a mystic bow given to her by her ancestor, the great warrior Jun-tak.

Her secondary ability is Devices. She carries a few more modern devices on her.

Related Information

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