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Extraordinary Eight is a series that focuses on a unique team of heroes in the City of Heroes MMO.

Extraordinary Eight
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Issue 00


Issue #0 - The Last Hero.....

Paragon city is saved from the Rularuu, but the Extraordinary Eight are all missing or dead....all but one! Only Combustion Boy remains of what was once Paragon City's most extraordinary team.

It looks to be the end of the Eight....but who is this mysterious visitor, claiming to be from the future?

Issue 01


Issue #1 (October 12th) - Extraordinary Eight Assemble!

The future has arrived to save the past! A new breed of Extraordinary Heroes hit the streets of Paragon City! Propellor! M-Path! Kid Kricket! Durandil!

The new teammates patrol the streets of Atlas Park, tangling with the fiery Hellions and saving a group of innocent citizens from the evil zombies of Doctor Vazhilok!

Issue 02


Issue #2 (October 19th) - The missing Heroes!

Propellor and M-Path make a fearful discovery! Kid Kricket and Durandil are missing! After searching the streets of Atlas Park for their missing friends, the clues lead them to a cavern in Galaxy City inhabited by the twisted creations of Doctor Vazhilok!

Kid Kricket is found alive and kicking!.......but what fate has befallen Durandil?

Issue 03


Issue #3 (October 26th) - Enter.....The Outcasts!

With Durandil still missing, Propellor recruits three new heroes for the Eight! War Hulker, Kruss and Dragon Puff boost the ranks of Paragon City's most extraordinary team just in time to face the onslaught of the villainous Electric Eel and his mutant gang of Outcasts!

If that wasn't enough, a tangle with the sinister 5th Column leaves Kid Kricket down and out! Outgunned and outnumbered, can our heroes prevail?

Issue 04


Issue #4 (November 2nd) - Gang Warfare!

As Kid Kricket recovers from his injuries and Puff searches for Jack, the remainder of the X-8 raid the headquarters of the deadly Outcast Leader Bedrock! As one gang lies defeated, two more rise and Perez Park becomes a battlefield with the X-8 versus the Skulls and the Hellions!

Issue 05


Issue #5 (November 9th) - Battle beneath the Hollows!

As the amphibian Aqua-Human and the beautiful Mindwerks join the team, the battle against the outlaw mutant gang the Outcasts moves underground! Will the explosive-laden caves beneath the Hollows become a tomb for Rundum's Trolls, Greased Lightning's Outcasts and X-8?

Issue 06


Issue #6 (November 16th) - Clockwork Chaos!

Investigating the mechanical 'clockwork' robots that roam the city reveals a plot to create a mechanical invasion army! The X-8 must stop the deadly 'Clanker' and his clockwork army before the city is overrun!

And if that's not enough, the Troll boss Gragnor, out for revenge after the arrest of his brother Rumdum, is demanding the X-8 face him - or his police hostages die!!

Issue 07


Issue #7 (November 23rd) - FROSTFIRE!!

The battle against the Outcasts comes to a finale as the X-8 take on the infamous leader of the deadly mutants - FrostFire!

But he's not alone and has assembled a multitude of mutant minions, including the deadly giant Keystone! Can a mere Eight Heroes stand against a super-powered army?

Issue 08


Issue #8 (November 30th) - ZOMBIE INVASION!

The X-8 get an urgent call from Dr. Marcus Path - 2 top Surgeons have been kidnapped from Chiron Medical centre! A trail of clues leads the X-8 through the sewers underneath Kings Row and into an ambush by the undead Vazhilok and the deadly Stitcher!

The battle moves above ground as Zombies flood the city.....Can the X-8 stem this tide of the living dead?

Issue 09


Issue #9 (December 7th) - VICTIMS OF THE VAZHILOK!

Kings Row explodes as a dangerous new designer drug called 'Superadine' floods the streets. The X8 are called in to bust the Skulls distribution network but instead find the fearsome Vazhilok are behind the deadly new drug.

The X8 face their most ferocious battle to date! Can they overcome the combined might of the Skulls and their allied undead hordes, or will they merely become the latest Victims of the Vazhilok?

Issue 10


Issue #10 (December 14th) - FACING THE 5TH!

The WWII group known as the 5th Column are active again! The Extraordinary Eight tangle with the newest incarnation of this 60-year old evil! Can they follow in the footsteps of the heroes of the past and emerge victorious?

Issue 11


Issue #11 (December 21st) - COUNTERSTRIKE!

The menace of the 5th column is far from defeated! The Columnists regroup and launch an attack on the under-strength Extraordinary Eight!

United they are undefeatable, but can the divided X-8 members survive the 5th Column's Counterstrike?

Annual 2004


Annual #1 2004 (January 11th) - EIGHT IS ENOUGH!

The X8 get together to reflect on 2004, and steel themselves for the adventures to come in 2005!

Issue 12


Issue #12 (January 18th) - FROZEN FURY!

The Winter Lord has awoken from his long slumber and plans to imprison Paragon City in a new Ice Age! Only the Extraordinary Eight can save the city from a frozen fate!

Issue 13


Issue #13 (January 25th) - THE BIG CHILL!

The battle against the Winter Lord reaches it's climax as the city is overrun with his frozen minions! Can an under-strength Extraordinary Eight triumph? Or will Paragon City become a frozen tomb?

Issue 14


Issue #14 (February 1st) - HAPPY HOUR!

While searching for clues about the mysterious group that calls itself 'the Council', Propellor is captured by the Troll leader Atta! He has demanded the release of Rumdum and Gragnor from prison or Propellor dies! The deadline is 60 minutes!

As the Trolls begin to celebrate capturing the leader of the X-8, M-Path leads the team into the depths of the Hollows on an urgent rescue mission, can they defeat Atta and his legion of followers, or will time run out for the leader of the X-8!

Issue 15


Issue #15 (February 8th) - CIRCLE OF THORNS!

A mysterious message that appears to come from Erissa's missing brother leads the team into the subterranean lair of the mysterious mystics of the 'Circle of Thorns'!

What secrets will be revealed deep in the bowels of the underground city?

Issue 16


Issue #16 (February 15th) - TEMPLE OF THE TSOO!

The X8 tussle with the terror of the Tsoo! This far eastern menace has arrived in Paragon City and have immediately begun causing trouble! If that wasn't enough, the Council grows bolder, attacking a power plant in Kings Row and kidnapping the Deputy Mayor in Steel Canyon!

Can the Extraordinary Eight save the Deputy Mayor and stop the Council blacking out half the city? And what is the link between Archon Carter of the Council and Lung of the Tsoo?

Issue 17


Issue #17 (February 22nd) - PLAGUE!

The zombie minions of the Vazhilok return, threatening to unleash a deadly bio-plague upon Paragon City that would wipe out Hero and Villain alike! Can the X8 stop the entire city from being transformed into the living dead?

And what does the deadly Eidolon known as 'The Hunter' know about the final fate of Durandil?

Issue 18


Issue #18 (March 1st) - COUNCIL OF WAR!

The X-8 find themselves caught between the Council and the Tsoo! After intercepting and cracking a new Council encryption cipher, the team learn that the inscrutable Tsoo have moved into Skyway City in force and are muscling in on the territory of the existing gangs. Attempting to learn the secrets of the Tsoo 'magic' the X8 raid the gang headquarters of the far eastern assassins!

If that weren't enough, the Warriors leader Pythagoras issues a challenge for the X8 to meet his men in battle! Can the X-8 triumph against the gangs of the East and the West?

Issue 19


Issue #19 (March 8th) - THE VOID!

The X-8 face a new menace - the Sky Raiders! Armed with weapons from the future, these raiders are a deadly threat to the X-8 and all of Paragon City! Where do their weapons come from? Has someone, or something followed Propellor from the year 2052?

As they investigate the source of the future technology, the team is flung into the Void! Imprisoned in a realm of dark nothingness, where time and space have no meaning, with only Propellor's gravity field keeping them alive! Can they escape? Or are they trapped for all eternity?

Issue 20


Issue #20 (March 15th) - TIME CAPSULE!

The Rikti Invasion left much technology behind on the various battlefields and beneath the city in the hastily constructed Rikti Assault Bunkers. The X8 must venture below the city into the abandoned bunkers to stop the mutated members of the Lost from seizing any advanced technology!

The deadly Dark Claude joins the X8 as they investigate the remnants of the invasion and seek the mysteries of the Time Capsule!

Issue 21


Issue #21 (March 21st) - DESTINATION: STRIGA ISLE!

The tiny nation known as Striga Isle, just off the coast of the United States, has long been a thorn in the side of global peace. With a corrupt puppet dictatorship support by organized crime and run by the criminal group known as 'The Council', many diplomatic attempts by the United States and the United Nations to stop the drug trade and restore freedom with the tiny nation have ended in failure.

With conventional forces powerless against the technologically advanced Council, the President has issued Paragon City's premier Supergroup, the X8, with the task of bringing down the Council and restoring freedom to the people of Striga - once and for all!

Issue 22


Issue #22 (March 29th) - FINAL MIDNIGHT!

Ever since being trapped in the Void, NightZap's powers and health have deteriorated. Despite the best efforts of Dr Marcus Path and his team, NightZap has only 24 hours to live! Can the X8 find the cause of his failing health before the clock strikes midnight?

Issue 23


Issue #23 (April 5th) - FOG OF WAR!

Called back from Striga Isle, the X8 tangle with the cultists of the Banished Pantheon, followers of ancient and terrible gods who threaten to bring their wrath down upon the unsuspecting Paragon City! In the dim, dark caverns underneath Perez Park, can the X8 defy the will of the gods?

Issue 24


Issue #24 (April 12th) - DEVILFISH!

A huge creature has risen from the depths and threatens Independence Port! Can the X8 stop the DEVILFISH?

Issue 25


Issue #25 (April 19th) - FAMILY MATTERS!

With the Giant Octopus throwing Independence Port into chaos, the criminal syndicate known only as "The Family" make a bold move to take over the port and bring all trade in Paragon City into their grasp! But the Tsoo are far from happy with the move! Only the X8 can stop open warfare on the waterfront!

Issue 26


Issue #26 (April 26th) - FAMILY MATTERS - Part Two

After stopping a Council plot to bomb Paragon City, the team head back to Striga Isle, raiding a Council recruitment centre. But after his plan to rule the Independence port was foiled, Tommy One-Eye is gunning for revenge and lays out a trap for the X8! Thugs, Drugs and Bullets await Paragon City's Most Extraordinary Superteam, can they possibly survive?

Issue 27


Issue #27 (May 3rd) - WARZONE!

The battle for Striga Isle continues as the Council brings the fight to the X8! Attempting to ambush the team by threatening to destroy the Maw Bridge backfires and the Extraordinary Eight go on the offensive capturing one of the Council's most wanted men - the rogue Surgeon Dr. Goldsmith! But what does the Doctor know about the mysterious 'Maestro'?

Issue 28


Issue #28 (May 10th) - MENACE OF THE MECH-MEN!

The stakes are raised as the Council bring in reinforcements - the deadly Mech-men! These Robotic Storm-Troopers are programmed for only one purpose - Destroy the Extraordinary Eight!

Unyielding, unforgiving, unstoppable! Can The X8 prevail against this army of automatons?

Issue 29


Issue #29 (May 17th) - THEY CALL HIM.....MAESTRO!

The X8 face their deadliest foe yet! The Council villain called MAESTRO! Will his mastery of sonic powers sing a song of Doom for the X8? Or will Paragon's most Extraordinary team prevail against his deadly decibels?

Issue 30


Issue #30 (May 24th) - MIGHT AND MAGIC!

Paragon City is awash with supernatural energy as both the Circle of Thorns and Banished Pantheon cause mayhem above and below the streets! Taking advantage of the situation are the high-tech Sky Raiders who invade an office building and rig it with explosives to cover their tracks! Can the X8 triumph against enemies both mechanical and magical?

Issue 31


Issue #31 (May 31st) - THE TROUBLE WITH TOTEMS!

Far from defeated, the Banished Pantheon out out for revenge - and the X8 are in the crosshairs! As the battle rages across Paragon City, the deadly Devoured Earth rise from their subterranean slumber - Their goal: To rid the Earth of humans! Their first targets: The Extraordinary Eight!

Issue 32


Issue #32 (June 7th) - TASK FORCE NOVA! (Part One)

The X8 are contacted by the alien Moonfire! She reveals that the most evil, brutal aliens in the Galaxy, the Nictus, have arrived on Earth and are in league with the Council! Their alien technology and energy are being utilized to create a more powerful breed of Council Super-Soldier!

Task Force Nova is formed! Can the X8 stop the Council's alliance with their off-world allies? Or will Earth fall, as so many other planets have, to the Nictus?

Issue 33


Issue #33 (June 21st) - ARAKHN - TASK FORCE NOVA! (Part Two)

The battle against the Council and the Nictus continues as the X8 face their deadliest foe yet - ARAKHN, the Nictus possessed leader of the invading Aliens! Can the X8 battle their way through an army of Human-Nictus hybrid super-soldiers in time to stop the invasion of Earth?

Issue 34


Issue #34 (June 28th) - DEFEAT!

It's all bad news, as Propellor receives disturbing word that Dr. Marcus Path, aka M-Path, is missing, and all clues point to the Council! Meanwhile Maestro has escaped from the Ziggurat, and is seeking revenge! As the team search for clues about M-Path's disappearance, they are lured into an ambush by the vengeful Banished Pantheon, who have not forgotten that the X8 stopped their summoning of their god of destruction! Is this the end of Paragon City's most extraordinary team?

Issue 35


Issue #35 (July 5th) - WHEN NATURE CALLS!

The disappearance of M-Path brings the team back to Paragon City, and back into action! While Claude recovers from his wounds, the remaining X8ers face the onslaught of the Devouring Earth! If that weren't enough, a Lost leader named Clud threatens the city when his followers steal prototype weapons from the Crey! Add for the first time the team comes face to face with the Aliens known as the Rikti, the invaders who almost destroyed Paragon City!

Issue 36


Issue #36 (July 12th) - PRIME TARGETS!

With finding M-Path the top priority, Combustion Boy once again joins the team as Propellor heads up the investigation in Paragon City. Dark Claude leads the X8 head back to the Council-controlled Striga Isle, where they make a chilling discovery - detailed Council files on each and every one of them!

Every member of the X8 is a target! The only question is....who's next?

Only one man, a Council traitor by the name of Ernesto Hess has the answer...but can he be trusted? Or is this the Council's final deadly trap to eliminate the X8 once and for all?

Issue 37


Issue #37 (July 26th) - EIGHT VERSUS THE VOLCANO! (Task Force Charade Part One)

All roads lead to the Volcano! The X8 have no choice but to trust Council turncoat Ernesto Hess if they hope to save M-Path, as only the Council Leader - Burkholder - holds the answers to the fate of their team-mate!

What secrets lie within the fiery core of the Striga Volcano? Can the X8 survive assaulting the Council's most well guarded stronghold? And what of the rumours of a doomsday weapon so powerful, even distant Paragon City is not safe?

Issue 38


Issue #38 (Aug 2nd) - IRON GIANT! (Task Force Charade Part Two)

Archon Burkholder's doomsday weapon is revealed! A Giant robot with enough firepower to level a city! Can even the Extraordinary Eight prevail against such a threat?

The war against the Council comes to an explosive conclusion, as failure here means doom for Paragon City and Council enslavement of the entire world!

But in order to save the World, the X8 must sacrifice one of their own! Who will survive the Iron Giant?

Issue 39


Issue #39 (Aug 9th) - FRACAS RETURNS!

With Propellor missing in the volcanic eruption that destroyed Archon Burkholder's lair, a weary and battle injured X8 return to Paragon City to find the Banished Pantheon are closer than ever to summoning the ancient god of destruction Tielekku!

As Final Midnight takes lead of the team, a familiar face from the past returns! Fracas - the extraordinary martial artist, has returned to Paragon City in search of his father's killers! But will even the addition of his incredible skills be enough to stop the Banished Pantheon?

Issue 40


Issue #40 (Aug 16th) - TERROR VOLTA!

The Terra Volta reactor powers not only the homes and businesses of Paragon City, but also the all-important 'War Walls', the protective forcefields that were erected to shield the city in the aftermath of the Rikti Invasion.

The X8 receive word that the mysterious Sky Raiders have attacked the reactor! Can they save not only the Terra Volta Reactor, but the city itself?

Issue 41


Issue #41 (Aug 23rd) - PROPELLOR PRIME!

Propellor - the leader of the X8 has returned! Thought killed in the explosion that engulfed Archon Burkholder's lair, he survived - but is not the man he was! Fused with an alien being, he is now more than human - but can he be trusted?

The Sky Raider's attack on the Terra Volta reactor was delayed, but not stopped! This time they will stop at nothing to capture the city's sole power source! Can the X8, with an alien leading them, defeat these high-tech opponents?

Issue 42


Issue #42 (Aug 30th) - STRANGE BEDFELLOWS!

The returned Propellor Prime leads the team against a full house of the City's worst villains! The Family, Lost, Rikti and Circle of Thorns all step forward to take their shots at the X8!

Who is the scientist who claims to be from the future? What is the connection between the Lost and the alien Rikti? Foes become friends as the underworld unite try to eliminate the X8 once and for all!

Issue 43


Issue #43 (Sept 6th) - MUSHROOM MAGIC!

The Mayor of Croatoa sends an urgent SOS, the small town has been invaded by gnomes, witches and ghosts!

The X8 must face some of their strangest foes as they go through the looking glass and into a realm where Magic rules and the impossible is the norm!

Issue 44


Issue #44 (Sept 13th) - REDCAP RIOT!

They may look comical, but the Extraordinary 8 soon learn that the gnomes known as the 'Redcaps' are deadly serious! Once again the X8 must venture into a realm of magic as they seek to discover the cause of the invasion of Croatoa!

Issue 45


Issue #45 (Sept 20th) - NONE SHALL PASS!

The battle to stop the magical transformation of Croatoa comes down to eight extraordinary heroes standing fast against a magical army who will stop at nothing to make Earth their own! Not once, but twice the X8 must hold fast and guard the stone portals that link the realm of magic with Earth!

Issue 46


Issue #46 (Sept 27th) - ALIEN NATION!

The Extraordinary Eight, the world's premier Superteam, or premier threat? The government assign a special 'observer' to report on Propellor Prime and the X8, but who is the mysterious Maroon really working for?

As the Extraordinary Eight battle the remnants of the Council, the alien Rikti once again raise the heads, and the X8 discover that Rikti agents, disguised as humans have infiltrated the city....and possibly the government! Who is the real enemy?

Issue 47


Issue #47 (Oct 4th) - M-PATH LIVES!

The death of Doctor Marcus Path - M-Path - at the hands of the Council was one of the most painful losses for the X8. Propellor Prime saw his corpse shortly before the explosion that almost claimed his own life and destroyed Archon Burkholder's lair.

Or did he? Has M-Path, one of the first X8ers, returned? If he is the real M-Path, why did Propellor Prime claim he was dead? Who can be trusted? Does M-Path live again?

Issue 48


Issue #48 (Oct 11th) - HELLFIRE!

While the Extraordinary Eight have been away in Croatoa and busy with the Rikti plot, the Circle of Thorns have been quietly gathering their strength. Their goal? To unleash a demon the likes of which the world has never seen - to unleash The Envoy of Shadows!

The Extraordinary Eight must battle their way through an army of fire-spewing demons, and if they succeed in defeating them....the Envoy awaits!

Meanwhile as fears grow about Propellor Prime's ability to control his Kheldian host, the Government observer Maroon returns, but what is her true agenda? And who is she really working for?

Issue 49


Issue #49 (Oct 18th) - A WITCHES TALE! (Task Force Majoram)

The X8 are once again drawn to Croatoa by a call for help! Katie Hannon, witch and member of the Cabal has urgent news... the leader of the Cabal, Mary Macomber is preparing a spell that will eradicate all magical life from Paragon City - including Final Midnight and Puff!

Can the X8 stop a magical war that has raged for 400 years?

Issue 50


Issue #50 (Oct 25th) - SEARCH AND SEIZURE! (Task Force Impulse part one)

The Crey Corporation are the most powerful private organization in the world, renowned for their advanced medical and computer technology. The corporate head, the Countess Crey is one of the world's most famous and powerful women.

But what is the dark secret behind their success? Is the Crey Corporation involved in illegal research and technology trading or something altogether more sinister.....

Issue 51


Issue #51 (Nov 1st) - CROSSFIRE! (Task Force Impulse part two)

The battle to expose the Crey Corporation's illegal superhuman research continues, with the X8 pitted against the technological and scientific might of the world's largest weapons manufacturer!

Hopkins, super-powered bodyguard to Countess Crey herself, calls out the X8! Can Paragon City's most extraordinary heroes defeat him and his army of 'Paragon Protectors'?

Issue 52


Issue #52 (Nov 8th) - THE ENVOY OF SHADOW!

As the X8 investigate the Crey Corporation, trouble is brewing in the caverns underneath Perez Park! The Circle of Thorns have kidnapped a number of innocent people, planning to use them in a ceremony to summon a demon of epic proportions - The Envoy of Shadow!

The X8 rush to stop them, but the summoning is complete! Can Paragon City's most extraordinary team stand against a demon capable of destroying worlds? Or will they become trapped forever in the shadow realm?

Issue 53


Issue #53 (Nov 15th) - JURASSIK!

The investigation of the Crey Corporation continues, as the X8 stop the outbreak of a deadly mutagen before facing down the might of the Freakshow on the rampage! Following a lead to the polluted industrial hellhole of Crey's Folly, the team comes face to face with a mutant creature straight out of a nightmare - the almighty JURASSIK!

But as the X8 battle to save the city, has Puff found Jack at last?

Issue 54


Issue #54 (Nov 22nd) - HOUSE CALL

As the X8 move into their new headquarters they receive word from a hacker known only as 'The Doctor' that the Crey corporation has created an incredibly powerful new AI, but their creation has rebelled against them! In a race against time can they save the AI from being reprogrammed before 'The Doctor' falls into the clutches of Countess Crey?

Issue 55


Issue #55 (Nov 29th) -INFORMATION OVERLOAD!

No matter what they do, the Crey Corporation remain out of the grasp of the X8. As Paragon City's most extraordinary heroes race from place to place trying to disrupt the Crey Corporation's clandestine operations, the shadowy corporate criminals are always one step ahead!

Could one of the team be a traitor, feeding information to the Crey?

With the Crey Corp mounting a publicity campaign to discredit the X8 and replace them with Paragon Protectors, the Government once again send their 'observer' Maroon to permanently monitor the team. Meanwhile Propellor Prime continues to lose control to his Kheldian host....

Issue 56


Issue #56 (Dec 6th) - THE END OF THE X8?

The Crey Corp stay constantly one step ahead as the team's woes continue. First they fail to save a hero named 'Invisible Falcon' from the clutches of Crey scientists and are once again outmanoeuvred, arriving too late to rescue Crey whistleblower Ken Kellerman before his memories are erased!

Government Agent Maroon's final report is in, and a shock announcement is made - the Extraordinary Eight are disbanded - immediately!

Locked out of their base and reduced to civilians, is this the final indignant end of Paragon City's most Extraordinary team?

Issue 57


Issue #57 (Jan 10th) - COVERT OPERATIONS

Publicly disbanded and with their legal status in question, Propellor calls together the former members of the Extraordinary Eight to reveal a shocking secret - Nictus agents have infiltrated the government!

The youthful Megasonix joins Paragon City's most undercover team as they once again face off against the nefarious Council! Can the 'Undercover 8' learn the identities of the Council agents, or will they be forced to remain in the shadows?

Issue 58


Issue #58 (Jan 17th) - UNNATURAL SELECTION

The X8 have managed to recover a partial list of the Nictus agents within the government, enough to see the group reinstated -- for now!

But there is no time to celebrate as the strange creatures known as the Devouring Earth are attacking Founders Falls!

Can the X8 discover the secret behind these creatures, or is the age of man coming to an end?

Issue 59


Issue #59 (Jan 24th) - BAD MEDICINE

Paragon City's most extraordinary heroes continue to investigate the mystery of the Devouring Earth! Where do these creatures come from? And what do the Crey Corporation have to do with it?

A startling discovery is made, the Devouring Earth have created a incredibly powerful mutagen drug. Can the X8 stop it from being distributed, or will they become victims of the DE's bad medicine?

Issue 60


Issue #60 (Jan 31st) - HAVE YOU SEEN THIS HERO?

The battle against the Devouring Earth continues, but not before the Rikti attempt to kidnap Paragon's plushest hero Puff!

The mysterious Hero known as the Woodman has been kidnapped by the Devouring Earth, and the X8 must rescue him before he is brainwashed by these unnatural creatures and turns against those he once protected! Can the X8 reach him in time?

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