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Emotes are the general term used in most MMOs.

It is short for "Emoticons", and they reference the avatar/players movements, specifically out of combat, often to express emotion or activity. They can be as complex as dancing or as simple as sitting on the ground. The amount and versatility of emotes completely depends on the game itself and the level of detail of the characters involved.

Use In MMO-Based Comics

When creating comics, emotes are very important. Paying close attention to the actual movements is important. You may be able to find new uses for emotes that were never designed originally.

An example could be a sitting emote. If you notice the avatar moves a specific way as it is moving down, you may be able to take a screen shot, apply some movie magic and can re-purpose the emote to look like something else entirely is occurring. In the Justice-Knights City of Heroes comic series, the giggle emote is often used for a character being startled or even hit by an attack.

Pay attention and use your imagination and you will be amazed at what you can re-purpose sometimes.