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The Winged Avenger
Creator: N/A
First Appearance: N/A
Game: Champions Online
Personal Data
Real Name: Jimmy "James" Tyler
Known Aliases: Insect Man, Bugg, Jimmy, James, Bug Boy, Wall-Crawler, Antennae Head, Pest
Species: Human
Age: 15
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 140 lbs (65 kg)
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Superhero/Student Journalist
Place of Birth: Millennium City
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Alicia James (Grandma), Jack James (Father, Status: Unknown), Martha James (Mother, Deceased)
Known Powers
Fire Control
Known Abilities
Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Agility, Superhuman Durability, Exoskeleton, Claws, Super-Hearing, Wall-Crawling, Flight, Retractable Wings, Danger-Sense, Understanding Qularr Knowledge and Language
Bugbots, Camera, Cell Phone, Utility Belt, Holographic "Honeycomb" Shield
Badge ChampionsHero.png This character is a hero in the world of Champions Online.

Universe Gamma-Chi-919

Bugg is a insect-themed teenage hero who operates in the world of Millennium City within the Champions Universe. Real name, Jimmy "James" Tyler he first started off as an average teenager struggling to live in a world where super-villains send superheroes through office buildings and destroying half the town. When Jimmy is stung by a Qularr Firebug during the Qularr Invasion he goes many months dealing with painful symptoms like, achy bones, sweating, and blackouts, after finally healing Jimmy notices he had gotten super powers after almost getting hit by a truck and jumping out of the way only to find himself stuck to a building.

Jimmy originally plans to use his new powers to go sign up for wrestling, but that was soon scraped when he used his new powers and insect-themed costume to save his school from a destructive monster calling himself, Morbane. Quickly defeating him Jimmy soon changes out of his costume and gets back to school, his actions as the new insectoid hero were printed in the newspaper the next day an unfortunate mistype on the word "Bug" allowed Jimmy to become a superhero naming himself, Bugg, with two g's.

DC Universe

Within the DC Universe lies a different Bugg. This incarnation of the Winged Avenger is still James, but instead of a insect-themed powerset this one is in fact a shape-shifter connected to The Green, an elemental force which connects all forms of plant life on earth, experienced by elementals as an ethereal realm inhabited by the collective minds of the Parliament of Trees. Bugg in this timeline is one of the new heroes out to stop Brainiac from killing all the heroes within the DC Universe. Jimmy in this universe is also younger than his Champions counterpart, he is 12 years old, but has the strict attitude of an adult.

Bugg in the DC Universe

Powers and Abilities

NOTE: These are the PaA for DC Universe Bugg.

  • Shape-Shifting: By being connected to The Green. Bugg can shape-shift into any animal or creature known to man.
  • Control over Plants: Bugg can control vines, plants anything nature-related Bugg can control.
  • Healing himself and others: Bugg can heal himself and allies through the help of his plants.
  • Insectoid Transformation: Bugg's main ability is to transform himself into a hideous hybrid between man and insect. Be able to project toxic energy, fly, spit acid from his mouth, and throw deadly punches and claw attacks.