Ask Captain Catastrophe

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Ask Captain Catastrophe
Author: BattlerockX/David 2
Author Aliases: '
Games: City of Heroes
Genre: Comedy
Series Type: infrequent
Date Premiered: 03/29/2009
Number of Issues: 19
Date of Last Issue: 03/11/2011
Average Issue Length: 6-8 minutes
Main Cast
Captain Catastrophe, Major Catastrophe
Programs Used
City of Heroes, MS PowerPoint, Windows Movie Maker

"Ask Captain Catastrophe" is a video comic series that was hosted on YouTube featuring a certain "team-killer" named Captain Catastrophe who tried to answer certain questions about the City of Heroes MMO. The series was created by David 2 to be both comedic and informative about various things about city life.

Series Issues

Issue 01

Heroes and Heroines (Watch) - Paragon City's resident team-killer Captain Catastrophe has to take care of some community service so he answers questions from other heroes about life in Paragon City. First up, a question of heroes and heroines and which is better to look at.

Issue 02

Teams and Fills (Watch) - Paragon City's resident team-killer Captain Catastrophe has some more community service time to fill, so he is answering questions from other heroes about life in Paragon City. This question deals with a certain kind of team request called "fills".

Issue 03

Ask the Captain (Watch) - Once again Captain Catastrophe is taking care of his community service obligation by answering questions about life in the City of Heroes. This time, though, the Captain is asked questions about himself... who he is, and how did he end up getting community service? The answers may surprise you.

Issue 04

More Simple Questions (Watch) - Paragon City's team-killer Captain Catastrophe continues his community service duty by answering more questions about life in Paragon City, the City of Heroes! This time around the Captain answers some more generic questions about where Paragon City is, why you can't find it on a map, and why all superheroes have to register.

Issue 05

City Hall (Part 1) (Watch) - The least trustworthy teammate in Paragon City, Captain Catastrophe, is giving viewers a quick tour of City Hall, and introducing you to what he calls "the most important people in the city".

Issue 06

Team-Killer (Watch) - The least trustworthy teammate in Paragon City, Captain Catastrophe, has to take a break from his tour of City Hall due to another "accident", but finds out that he has to explain why he is a "team-killer". Reluctant to embarrass himself, the City Representative is forced to call on others to assist with this question.

Issue 07

City Hall (Part 2) (Watch) - With the latest spill cleaned up, Captain Catastrophe has a chance to finish that much promised tour of City Hall, highlighting on the five contacts heroes encounter when they first arrive. Unfortunately not everyone is warm to seeing the team-killer back in the area.

Issue 08

Inspirations (Watch) - The team-killer of Paragon City answers some more questions from heroes. This one involves Inspirations. What are they and how do they work? He gets some help from a Freedom Corps officer who has his own issues with the good Captain. Meanwhile... lurking in the shadows... another figure begins to make his presence known.

Issue 09

Enter MAJOR Catastrophe (Watch) - Captain Catastrophe's older brother has taken over the "Ask Captain Catastrophe" series! Major Catastrophe is out to demonstrate that he is nothing like his brother, and he does so by giving the viewers a quick summary about life in the Rogue Isles for the newcomers. Why do Rogue Isles residents hate being called "Villains"? Who are your first contacts when you arrive? And why does it seem like everyone is out to get you? These are questions the Major answers. Also, how is the Major connected to his brother's "community service"? And how was he able to take over the show? The answers may surprise you.

Issue 10

Recruitment (Watch) - Captain Catastrophe is not having a good week. In the last episode, his show was taken over by his older brother, Major Catastrophe, who spent his time talking about life in the Rogue Isles. That meant that the good Captain lost valuable community service time, which he now has to make up. But when asked how to properly recruit someone into a team, the Captain turns to one of his supergroup members to help answer that question, only to find himself snared by technical and legal troubles. Will his nightmares ever end? And will he find someone who will help him answer that troublesome question? Meanwhile, Major Catastrophe lets his unwilling partner in on his master plan. And a new character makes an appearance!

Issue 11

Supergroup Bases (Part 1) (Part 2) - The feud between Captain Catastrophe and his older brother Major Catastrophe escalates in this two-part episode that was originally too big to run intact on YouTube! Using the pretense of "helping" his younger brother, Major Catastrophe unleashes his plan to thoroughly humiliate and discredit the Captain once and for all. But what is that plan? And what does it have to do with how supergroup bases are created?

Issue 11i

Intermission (Watch) - Did Major Catastrophe win? He certainly thinks he did. Check out this quick scene of him interacting with one of his Rogue Island associates not long after the shocking events of Episode 11.

Issue 12

Aftermath (Part 1) (Part 2) - Major Catastrophe's master plan against his younger brother has been played. Did it work? Were the Noble Champions destroyed along with their base? And what happened to Captain Catastrophe? Those answers will be revealed here!

Issue 12i

Intermission (Watch) - So how did Major Catastrophe handle defeat? Not the way you would expect. In fact he was more distracted about something else that was bothering him.

Issue 13

Understanding (Watch) - Following the events in recent episodes, representatives of both Paragon City and the Rogue Isles try to come to some sort of understanding regarding Captain Catastrophe and his older brother. But it seems there is another issue behind the two representatives that comes to the surface. And in the middle of that, a startling revelation comes out as Major Catastrophe plays that last card he still holds.

Issue 14

Appearances (Watch) - Captain Catastrophe is BACK! And none too soon as things are still a little hectic after the bombshell announcement made by his brother. While ghosts and monsters haunt Paragon City during its annual Halloween Event, the good Captain answers a very timely question about how heroes can change their appearances in Paragon City. And the Captain has a very special trick that was recently made available for low-level heroes to use. It is something that he'll have to take advantage of, because something smells funky in Atlas Park other than the zombies.

Issue 15

Influence (Watch) - It's been a while, but Paragon City's team-killer is BACK on YouTube with more helpful information about life as a registered hero. This time around, Captain Catastrophe answers a key question about the unique form of currency for heroes and heroines. And he gets an even bigger surprise at the end of the video!

Issue 16

Praetoria (Watch) - For those of you who are still wondering, yes the legendary team-killer Captain Catastrophe is BACK! He hasn't disappeared, although he has been busy with that new project of his. It's the biggest honor a hero in Paragon City could ever get, and he's obviously pumped up about it. But there are still questions to be asked, and one of them involves a place that's been on everyone's mind for the past year. PRAETORIA! What is it? Where is it? Why should anyone care? And can the Captain clue us in on it?

Tie-In Issues

Tales From Paragon City #4


The origin of Major Catastrophe and the incident that caused him to be in the Rogue Isles is finally revealed. Plus, what did happen to the Captain's promised comic book? Find out.

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