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An aeromancer is a master manipulator and interpreter of atmosphere.

Initially seen as a speculative cult and condemned as such by dominant religions, true aeromancy involves more than just observing the skies and trying to "read" clouds and comets.

City of Heroes MMO

In the world of the City of Heroes MMO, aeromancy is real and is the official name for the manipulation of weather.

Any being that can manipulate the weather is technically considered an aeromancer, be it through mystical, mutant, or scientific means. While meteorologists can try to forecast future weather events, aeromancers can control them. Aeromancers can either negate or exasperate the strength of the weather or control its direction.

Most aeromancers are limited to controlling weather in an immediate area, since it would require extensive energy to manipulate the natural weather forces on the planet. Aeromancers have tried in the past to manipulate the direction of hurricanes or severe storm fronts and found they only had minimal effect. Some have been fortunate in that they could negate tornadoes, but not without consequences elsewhere.

Koldfront is a confirmed aeromancer.

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