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Angelfish (sometimes known as "Angel-Fish") is the name of the infrequent comic series created by Lady Masquerade.

"Enjoy this mess of creativity, horrible graphics, and fangirling that is... Angelfish"
Author: Lady Masquerade
Author Aliases: Golden Masquerade, Masq
Games: City of Heroes
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Series Type: infrequent
Date Premiered: '
Number of Issues: 11
Date of Last Issue: 2008
Average Issue Length: '
Main Cast
Dr. Lore
Programs Used
Comic Book Creator

According to the author, the series was created after being inspired by other comic creators such as the Legendary J-Man. It features the adventures (and mis-adventures) of the Arachnos scientist known as Dr. Lore, aka "Angelfish", from 2003 on up.

Comic Series

The series is posted both in individual issues and also in storyline volumes available through ISSUU.


Issue 00

Angelfish 00c.jpg

Introducing: Dr. Lore. Find out why she's been able to survive for so long in the Rogue Isles. (Read)

One Bad Day

Dr. Lore is demoted for losing something important. Now she has to get it back. (ISSUU)

Issue 01

Angelfish 01c.jpg

There are times when Dr. Lore wished she stayed in bed. Today is no exception.(Read) ([ISSUU])

Issue 02

Angelfish 02c.jpg

Dr. Lore's bad day continues. (Read)

Issue 03

Angelfish 03c.jpg

Can Lore finally find what she's looking for so her day can end? (Read)

The Things We Do For Love

Valentine's Day Special (ISSUU)

Issue 04

Angelfish 04c.jpg

It's Valentine's Day/Spring Fling! Season of LOVE! And maybe poor Angelfish can get the attention she craves from her boss if she plays her cards right and gets the right kind of look. Yeah, right. (Read)

Fight or Flight

It's not easy working for two bosses. (ISSUU)

Issue 05

Angelfish 05c.jpg

Just when Lore got used to working for Captain Mako, she finds out she's also working for Black Scorpion! You know what that means, right? Yes, hilarity ensues! (Read)

The Ghost of You

A strange request leads to a life-or-death struggle. (ISSUU)

Issue 06

Angelfish 06c.jpg

Dr. Lore accepts a difficult request... find the missing brother of a Fortunata. But his disappearance is connected to a much more complicated link between Ghost Widow and Arachnos itself! (Read)

Issue 07

Angelfish 07c.jpg

The conspiracy continues. (Read)

Issue 08

Angelfish 08c.jpg

Is Dr. Lore a traitor? Or can she redeem herself in the eyes of Ghost Widow and Arachnos? Find out here! (Read)

Cult of the Shaper

A three-part (unfinished) series.

Issue 09

Angelfish 09c.jpg

Dr. Lore is recruited for a new mission, and given all she's been through, she could use a diversion. (Read)

Special Issues

City of Comic Creators Compendium


"Another Day On The Job" (Read)

A Time For Forgiveness

Angelfish atff c.jpg

A special short story of a mother and daughter. (Read) (ISSUU)

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