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"Persuader" is the call-sign and code-name for the field commander of the corporate-run Crey Private Police Department.

Character History

"Persuader" took over operations of the Crey Police after its predecessor was fired for running a corporate extortion scheme to generate needed revenue.

Rather than treating the Crey Police as a supplement to the Paragon City Police Department, "Persuader" saw the private-run police as its successor. Policies were devised and training spent on Crey Officers for eventually take over in normal police operations, including neighborhood patrols, emergency response, and dealing with super-powered beings.

"Persuader" took particular interest in the woman responsible for exposing his predecessor's extortion operation: Leona Powers. Using what little information he was able to get on Leona's abilities, he began to device protocols to neutralize someone with her abilities. This included the creation of a special power-suit that he believed would be enough to match, if not defeat, either Leona Powers or Galatea Powers.

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Related Information

Persuader first appeared in Issue #6 of "The Guardian Powers".