Invasion of the Kittahs (KK)

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Invasion of the Kittahs
Invasion of the Kittahs
Author(s): TechSpider - KK Comics
Games: City of Heroes
First Issue: Rona LIVE! Season 1, #5
Date Published: 2009
Last Issue: Rona LIVE! Season 1, #7
Date Published: 2009
Total Number of Issues: 7
Main Character(s)
The cast at KK Comics
Series Involved
KK Comics Titles
Additional Notes
Cross-Title Event #2 at KK Comics


"Invasion of the Kittahs" is a seven-part Cross-Title Storyline in the KK-Comics titles, that happens throughout the titles from March 2009 to May 2009.

It featured the showing up of Kinetic Kitten's cousins and relatives, all Kitten themed characters, throughout the KK Comics Universe. We also saw the first appearance of a new Kinetic Kitten villain, Evil Kinetic Kitten, and found out about Mistress Arachnae's Kitten Klones.

At the time, it was widely popular with the readers of KK-Comics, and sparked the creation of the Perils of the Tail AE Story Arc. Which to this day, is still playable in the game.

Story History

Part 1: Rona LIVE! Season 1, #5


Kitten Characters appearing: "Kinetic Kitten" (read)

Summary: Rona embarks upon a conspiracy that holds the whole of Paragon and the Isles in it's grip.

Part 2: Malibu Dreams/Nightmares Series 2, #4


Kitten Characters appearing: "Kandrogenous Kitten" (read)

Summary: Barbie sends Skipper to warn Mistress Arachnae about Rona Cosell's Investigations, and Barbie runs into her Patron, Ghost Widow.

Part 3: Master-Minding My Own Business Series 1, #9


Kitten Characters appearing: "Katanna Kitten" (read)

Summary: Mistress Arachnae informs TechSpider of Rona Cosell's Plans.

Part 4: Confessions of A Teenage Blapper Series 1, #10


Kitten Characters Appearing: "None" (read)

Summary: Rona is on her way to Grandville, and is nabbed by TechSpider of the Death Dealers.

Part 5: Good Ole' Days #4


Kitten Characters Appearing: "Klubber Kitten" (read)

Summary: Russell meets Rona Cosell and gets Matched in Arena!

Part 6: Confessions of A Teenage Blapper Series 1, #9


Kitten Characters Appearing: "Kinetic Kitten", "Krusher Kitten" (read)

Summary: Krusher Kitten and Rona Cosell rescue Kinetic Kitten, and uncover the 'real' Arachnos Plot!

Part 7: Rona LIVE! Season 1, #7


Kitten Characters Appearing: "Krusher Kitten", "Evil Kinetic Kitten", Mynx (read)

Summary: Rona is lead down a path that shows her the real conspiracy and it's architect, Evil Kinetic Kitten.

Links and Other Stuff

This was the second Cross-Title Storyline featured at KK Comics. It was created in response to the Perils of the Tail AE Storyarc created by TechSpider/Kinetic Kitten. Utilizing the Kittah, or Kitten, creations. This storyline was also used as an advertisement for the AE Storyarc.

Invasion of the Kittahs Storyline Arc at KK Comics