What Little Girls Are Made Of... (Cr)

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What little girls are made of..
Author(s): Ra.
Games: City of Heroes
First Issue: Crucible 1
Date Published: 2013
Last Issue: Crucible 4
Date Published: 2013
Total Number of Issues: 4
Main Character(s)
Au Set, Better off Deadly
Series Involved
Dawn Enterprises, The Crucible
Additional Notes
Crossover treatment post CoH game closure.

"What little girls are made of..." is a four-part storyline based on player made CoH characters revealing Better off Deadly's origins and her connection to Au Set.

Story History

Issue #1

The Crucible #1

Au Set, senses her fathers evil in the world of man and summons Better off Deadly, to defeat the new threat. Issue #1 (PDF)


Issue #2

The Crucible #2

Au Set and Better off Deadly, explore the sewers and face the summoned evil. Issue #2 (PDF)


Issue #3

The Crucible #3

Better off Deadly stuggles against her hunger with Au Set transformed into a mortal. The minion of Set summons Sekhmet, the goddess of vengence, to destroy Au Set. Issue #3 (PDF)


Issue #4

The Crucible #4

Better off Deadly and Au Set face the goddess Sekhmet and the minion of Set. Issue #4 (PDF)