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The United Nations Space Agency (or UNSA) is a fictional international agency set in the "City of Heroes" MMO universe. They replaced all national and private space authorities and placed them under the supervision of the United Nations.

Organizational History

Prior to the Rikti Invasion of 2002, authority over all matters concerning space was left in the hands of various national agencies and private organizations. The dominant government authorities were the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in the United States, the European Space Agency, the Russian Space Agency, and the Chinese Space Agency. Each of them had their own programs to regulate space travel and the placement of orbital satellites. On occasion, the various agencies would work together to avoid a clash of competing satellites.

After the Rikti Invasion, however, the world turned towards more of an international authority. With Statesman and later Lady Grey running the all-encompassing security authority known as Vanguard, the call went out to consolidate all of the various space organizations into one similar international authority. The time was right for this, as many of the orbiting satellites, including the International Space Station, were destroyed in the early stages of the Rikti invasion and needed to be replaced.

Although the United Nations Space Agency was officially created in 2005, it took time for certain nations to sign off on the merger. Most notably was the United States. Politicians found it hard to accept the notion that the country that put the first men on the moon would have to surrender their authority to an international agency. Rather than give in, the American politicians authorized a "crash course" funding of NASA so they can create the next generation of space shuttles and satellites and do so before the UNSA.

Fate, unfortunately, would step in to destroy this idea.

An extra-dimensional incident in the spring of 2007 would lead to the destruction of the new United States Space Shuttle Cygnus during re-entry.[1] All lives were presumed lost. The tragedy was more than enough to convince those same Washington politicians to finally sign on with the UNSA.


The UNSA is currently under the direction of Leopold Simms.

Related Information

The UNSA was first seen in "Furia and the Guaridans" #17.