Trading Places (CoH)

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Manticore: Hero of Villain?
Trading Places
Author(s): Dan Jergens, David Nakayama
Games: N/A
First Issue: City of Heroes #10
Date Published: '
Last Issue: City of Heroes #12
Date Published: '
Total Number of Issues: 3
Main Character(s)
Manticore, Sister Psyche, Statesman, Ms. Liberty
Series Involved
City of Heroes
Additional Notes

"Trading Places" is a storyline is the Top Cow Comics incarnation of "City of Heroes" comic series.

Immediately following the actions in "Bloodlines", Manticore is fired from the Freedom Phalanx.

Story History


(See Bloodlines)

Issue 9

Having nearly been killed by Protean, Manticore, along with Sister Psyche and Numina, manage to rescue the Back Alley Brawler. In the course of the rescue, Manticore fires a special arrow into the shape-shifter which disrupts his DNA, supposedly killing Protean.

Main Story

Issue 10

Issue #10

Manticore is fired from the Freedom Phalanx for the murder of Protean. This prompts some to question Statesman's judgment, but Manticore bitterly accepts the decision. Rather than turn in his bow, he breaks it in half and drops it as he walks away.

Several heroes, including members of the Vindicators, begin to question Statesman's decision. The former Phalanx sidekicks try to recruit Manticore to their own group, but he dismisses them as being "minor league". When the Vindicators try to get answers from Statesman, they end up engaging in a brief street fight with their one-time mentors. But it's what Manticore does next that shocks everyone!


Issue 11

Issue #11

Manticore has joined Arachnos, much to the surprise of everyone, including Lord Recluse. After having been mentally interrogated by one of Recluse's Fateweavers, Recluse sends his new ally on a mission to kidnap Sister Psyche.


Issue 12

Issue #12

Lord Recluse's master plan involving the kidnapped Sister Psyche is revealed. Will the Freedom Phalanx be able to stop them? It's time for Manticore to choose which side he is really on!



  • In the issues that follow after "Trading Places", Statesman continues to berate and second-guess Manticore, referring to his eventual reinstatement as a "mistake" that he threatens to reconsider.
  • The psychic bond between Manticore and Sister Psyche is prevalent in this storyline and shows their mutual trust beyond even those of their teammates.
  • When the MMO was active, Heroes and Villains could travel back in time to experience a part in Manticore's journey during this storyline via Mender Silos at Ouroboros.