Randi Rogues

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Randi Rogues
PNN's embedded reporter in the Rogue Isles
Creator: David 2/Battlerock X
First Appearance: PNN News Break #02
Game: City of Heroes
Personal Data
Real Name: Miranda "Randi" Valdez (nee Emerson)
Known Aliases: Mandy E., Randi Emerson, "Rocking Randi"
Species: human
Age: '
Height: '
Weight: '
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: reporter
Place of Birth: Hartsford, CT
Base of Operations: Rogue Isles
Marital Status: divorced
Known Relatives: unnamed parents, unnamed ex-husband
PNN News Break
Known Powers
pistols, willpower
Known Abilities
camera, recording devices, pistols, rocket-board

Randi Rogues is a reporter for the Paragon News Network in the world of the City of Heroes MMO. She first appears in the PNN News Break specials.

Character History

Early Years

Miranda “Randi” Valdez was once an up-and-coming reporter in Hartford, Connecticut. Born Miranda Emerson, she graduated from Weaver University with a bachelor's degree in journalism. She was hired by WCTI TV after spending her senior year interning with them and quickly became a field reporter for social events. Her cute face and "perky" demeanor made her a quick favorite for viewers.

She was on the fast-track to stardom within the Hartford community. While she was entertaining offers from New York, Boston, and Paragon City stations, she was offered and accepted the role of host for WCTI's weekend morning news broadcast. She married her long-time boyfriend, Jorge Valdez, and there was talk that the two of them would eventually start a family.


It was not long after she began work as the weekend morning host that word spread that she once posed for nude pictures in a certain men's magazine while in college. Even though she had posed under the name "Mandy E.", it was not hard to match the perky face with the one on TV. The men's magazine would later re-print the photos under the banner of "Randi Goes Rogue".

The exposure cost her career in the very-conservative station. She wasn't even allowed to make a tearful farewell or give an apology to viewers. She was quickly rushed out with almost no notice whatsoever. And, due to the exposure, she was considered "un-hirable" by most of the other media outlets.

There were rumors that the scandal was actually manufactured, that the magazine had agreed to never published the photos once Randi became a local celebrity, but that a rival media personality had found the photos and convinced the magazine to run with them anyway.

The scandal not only ruined her career, it also cost her marriage. Her husband filed for divorce, and she was forced to move back in with her parents until the "outrage" could fade away.

New Life

In 2013, WPNN in Paragon City ended their cooperation with WSPDR in the Rogue Isles. Their partnership with WSPDR was seen as being mutually beneficial, since WSPDR provided news from the Rogue Isles without risking American lives, and PNN gave them an audience in Paragon City. This meant that PNN needed a new "embedded" reporter that would be willing to cover events in the Rogue Isles and quite possibly be captured or killed in the process.

When all of the PNN media personalities turned down the idea, General Manager Kenny "KC" Emerson opened the position to any reporter. But, again, no active reporters in the United States were willing to risk their lives in the Rogue Isles, even those that had previously worked in the Middle East. The risks were simply too high.

This was the opportunity that Randi Valdez needed to re-start her career. Although people still remembered her "Randi Goes Rogue" pictorial, Randi used it to her advantage, re-introducing herself as "Randi Rogues".

Today, Randi enjoys life in the Rogue Isles. While covering news stories for PNN, she also began studying from villains about how to get revenge on those that had originally ruined her career.

Powers and Abilities

As a reporter, Randi really shouldn't have any powers. She's supposed to be objectively neutral.

However, she is also in the Rogue Isles, one of the most dangerous places in the world outside of an active war zone or natural disaster. So it's reasonable to assume that she has some kind of defensive training with, perhaps, firearms.


Randi wants to prove herself, especially after the humiliation she had to endure and the losses she experienced when her nude pictures went public. She's bitter and hard to trust anyone, even her boss, KC Emerson.

Related Information

According to creator David 2/Battlerock X, the character was inspired by several radio personalities, including a few that did pose in a certain men's magazine.