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"Priest" is a comic series featuring a character by the same name.

The Adventures of Pious Hunter
Author: Peter Craftsman
Author Aliases: '
Games: City of Heroes
Genre: Action
Series Type: '
Date Premiered: 2008
Number of Issues: 4
Date of Last Issue: 2010
Average Issue Length: 50
Main Cast
Programs Used
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Book #1

Priest Book01.jpg

Book One: Origins of Damsel (Read)

In the first issue, we are introduced to Pious Hunter, aka Priest, as he trains a new hero named Damsel. But how is he connected to his new protigee?

Plus, Pistol is back!

Book #2

Priest Book02.jpg

Book Two: Rise of the Gang (Read)

Pistol and her gang are back to their old criminal ways, but Damsel and the Militia are chasing them. But they also make a startling discovery about Pious Hunter.

Book #3

Priest Book03.jpg

Book Three: Battle of the Clones (Read)

Priest is a clone! And that's not all that we discover about Pious Hunter!

Plus, Black Scorpion talks about The Art of War!

Book #4

Priest Book04.jpg

Book Four: The Art of War (Read)

We are introduced to a different side of Pious Hunter before he meets up with the Art of War and find out what sort of message was being delivered.

Plus, Priest's daughter has a secret all her own.

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