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The Paragon City University or PCU is an association of three separate colleges, each dedicated to the cause of higher learning for citizens of Paragon City.

These are also locations where members of the Midnight Squad can gain access to the Midnight Club, starting with their initial meeting with Professor Castanella.


Steel Canyon University

"Patefacio mens ut patefacio orbis terrarum"

The University in Steel Canyon is the oldest of the three colleges. Founded in the late 19th century, Steel Canyon University served as the launching point for the city's budding entrepreneurs through their accredited accounting program. Eventually as skyscrapers began to dot the landscape, the school expanded their curriculum to include degrees in architecture and engineering.

In the late 1980's, Steel Canyon University transferred their financial and engineering departments to Founders Falls and focused their attention more towards technology and science. Registered heroes can also take part in the non-credited Invention System course for free.

Croatoa University

"Tertius Oculus Visum Totus"

Croatoa Univeristy is the second of the three colleges. Founded in the turn of the 20th Century, Croatoa also became known as "Freak U" for the area's high paranormal activity.

The school specializes in paranormal studies, including the occult, magic, mysticism, myths, and monsters. This is where most of the Cabal members are recruited. Azuria is said to occasionally teach here. This is also where War Witch went to school prior to becoming a registered hero.

The Lake Salamanca monster (or "Sally") is considered the school's mascot.

Founders Falls University

"Validus Crepidoinis Constructum Validus Civis"

Founders Falls University is the newest of the three colleges, being completed in 1985 as a place to send the financial and engineering departments from Steel Canyon. Located in the northeastern corner of Founders Falls, Founders Falls University enjoys the best of all possible views, with a water fountain center at the entranceway, and a scenic view of the Red River in the rear.


In addition to the specialties unique to each of the colleges, each school in the PCU provide standard undergraduate degrees in Liberal Arts and English.