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PNN News Break
Author: David 2/Battlerock X
Author Aliases: '
Games: City of Heroes
Genre: Promotional
Series Type: '
Date Premiered: 2014
Number of Issues: 6
Date of Last Issue: 2015
Average Issue Length: 2
Main Cast
Robin Steed
Programs Used
Titan Icon, City of Heroes MMO, GIMP, MS Publisher

The PNN News Break is a series of short comics that were designed to promote upcoming features involving characters set in the City of Heroes MMO.

The "specials" are hosted by Robin Steed, with contributing reports from other PNN personalities.

Each "special" is connected in some way to an upcoming comic issue or series.


Issue 01

Issue 1 (Read)

Subject: Galatea's New Beau?

Leads Into: "Guardians of the Dawn GRADUATION" #3

Issue 02

Issue 2 (Read)

Subject: October Focus On The Libra Order

Leads Into: The Libra Order: Debts Of Honor

Issue 03

Issue 3 (Read)

Subject: Halloween in Paragon City with guest reporter Jean Burchell-Veloz

Leads Into: The Crucible #12

Issue 04

Issue 4 (Read)

Subject: Is the Freedom Phalanx irrelevant? - Featuring PNN Radio's Garry Becker

Leads Into: (N/A)

Issue 05

Issue 5 (Read)

Subject: LexieTech's new satellite

Leads Into: Furia and the Guardians #1

Issue 06

Issue 6 (Read)

Subject: US and Rogue Isles enter negotiations

Leads Into: (N/A)