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January 2022


New year... new comics? Let's find out!

December 2021


Will there be comic presents under our tree? Let's hope so.

November 2021


Looks like our creators were a little scared. Maybe they'll give us something to be thankful this month?

November 26

October 2021


Any new reads, or are our creators seasonally terrified?

September 2021


Any new reading assignments for our fall students? We hope so!

August 2021


Will August follow up from July's summer release?

August 27

July 2021


June was too hot for new issues. Will July bring some relief?

July 30th

  • "Future's Guardian" #21 - For years, Starlett was able to keep her dual life as a club dee-jay and as a vigilante separate. But now, two people with grudges against her and against John Battle have found out her secret. And now they plan on using it to get her do to their bidding.

June 2021


May went by quick! Will June have some new issues?

May 2021


April was okay at the end. Will May keep the momentum going?


May 29

  • "The Crucible" #39 - with special guest Galatea Future from "Future's Guardian". It all comes to a head in Bigg City as Watcher Twelve, Sinnamon Kitten, Galatea Future, and Judge Nineteen take on Professor Emil Witt and his supers. Guaranteed this issue will make you shout "WHAT DID YOU DO?!?"

April 2021


March was too mad for comics. Will April pick up the pace?

April 30th

  • "Future's Guardian" #20 - Galatea Future's life both past and present are explored in this oversized issue. How powerful was she as an incarnate? How powerful is she now? And what secrets has she hidden all this time?

March 2021


Sadly, no love for February. Let's see if hope springs eternal for new comics.

February 2021


We could love some new releases. Don't break our hearts!

January 2021


New year! New releases? Let's hope so.

January 31st

  • "The Crucible" #38 - with special guest Galatea Future of "Future's Guardian". The Judge is unleashed. Galatea Future and Synnamon Kitten find they're not in Millennium City anymore, and Watcher Twelve discovers that's the least of their worries. What happens here plays a part in recent issues of "Future's Guardian".

December 2020


Will we be gifted with new releases for the holiday season? Let's hope so!

December 25th

  • "Future's Guardian" #19 - Galatea Future has been detained by Captain Lynch. Can her friends and allies help free her? Or will they join her?

November 2020


We give thanks... to new releases!

November 13th

  • "The Crucible" #37 - Watcher Twelve's trip into the world of Champions Online continues, with special guest Galatea Future from "Future's Guardian"! Twelve meets a Judge who sets the story straight about his Navix, while Synnamon Kitten and Galatea come face-to-face with the CEO of Witt Enterprises... someone who already has a connection to Galatea's past.

October 2020


Will we be treated to new releases? Or will we be tricked instead?

September 2020


Fall is supposed to be here... will it come with new releases? Let's find out.

September 25th

August 2020


Summer is almost over. Will there be new comics this month?

July 2020


It's the second half of the year! What new comics await?

July 3rd

June 2020


The sickness lingered through May. Will June deliver what May could not?

June 26th

May 2020


April was too sick to give us new releases. May this month be better?

April 2020


Will April showers bring us new releases?

March 2020


Maybe it was just mad love or maybe even a bug that kept us from seeing new releases. Maybe March will change our luck.

March 27th

  • "Future's Guardian" #17 - It's time for the truth about the "Real Truth" to come out! But will it be enough to clear John Battle of the allegations made against him?

February 2020


It seems the shock of the new year was too much for new comics. Hopefully February will bring some love.

January 2020


It's a new year! Let's see if there are any new comics.

December 2019


November was a real turkey. Let's see if December is better.

November 2019


Will the colder air bring new comics? Let's see...

October 2019


Has it really been too chaotic for comics? School that harsh? Or is it just the weird weather? Will October bring some treats? Let's find out!

October 7th

October 30th

September 2019


Too hot for comics? Still? Well let's see if the start of fall changes things.

August 2019


It's boiling out there! Will there be some new comics to distract us from the heat?

August 30th

  • "Future's Guardian" #16 - The case against John Battle is getting worse, with famed reporter Pedro Duarte arriving in Millennium City with even more charges against the "legacy warrior". As if that wasn't enough, now there is a wannabe hero looking to make a name for himself as the man who sends John to jail. All this, plus the first appearance of Red Sinner!

July 2019


It's hot out there! Let's see if there are some comics to beat the heat.

July 01

June 2019


Will the start of summer bring us more new comics?

May 2019


April had too much pollen. Hopefully May will bring new comics along with the flowers.

May 31st

  • "Future's Guardian" #15 - A few years have passed since the last issue. Let's see what the heroes of Millennium City are doing now in 2019!

April 2019


Too stormy across America for new comics. Hopefully spring will give us something new.

March 2019


I guess February was too short for comics. Can Irish Eyes and the Ides of March give us better?

February 2019


February is the shortest month of the year. Too short for comics? Let's see...

January 2019


December was a scrooge. Let's see if the new year brings new comics.

January 25th

  • "Future's Guardian" #14 - What happened to Galatea Future? Where did she go? You will be surprised, as well as who will be making a surprise visit.

December 2018


Let's see if the season will bring new comics.

November 2018


October was too scary for releases. Maybe November will bring new bounty.

November 30th

October 2018


Fall is here. Will we "fall" into some new releases?

September 2018


The summer has been extremely hard for comic creators. Hopefully the start of fall will change things.

September 23rd

September 28th

  • "Task Force Twilight" #5 - The conflict between the corrupt cops and the heroes escalates, and now it's starting to get personal. Who will end up betraying the Task Force? Find out!

September 29th

August 2018


July proved to be too hot and stormy for new comics. Let's see if August is any better.

July 2018


It's getting hot out there! Will it be too hot for new comics?

June 2018


Apparently May was too stormy for new comics. Hopefully June will be different.

June 29th

  • "The Crucible" #35 - It all comes down to this! Immortals, gods, Tin men, who lives, who dies, and who lives forever?
  • "Task Force Twilight" #4 - It's Cardinal Syn's Task Force vs the Blue Dog Squad! Plus, Sundown begins his investigation and the "New" Avenger returns!

May 2018


It's May. Let's see what new comics appear.

April 2018


It doesn't bode well that Easter and April Fool's Day one and the same this year. Will our releases be a joke? Let's find out.

April 14th

April 20th

  • "The Crucible" #34 - Party in the lost temple! We've got CECIL and the Zombie Avenger and some sexy snake goddess, and lots of undead minions... and if that's not good enough for you, we even have DEATH! Yes, the Grim Reaper is in the house! You know it's not a party until the Reaper is there!

March 2018


Spring starts this month, so let's see what else will be coming in like a lion.

March 30th

  • "Task Force Twilight" #03 - With Jason Knight dead, it's up to Cardinal Syn to step up and use Jason's notes and resources and assemble the task force. But who will step up?

February 2018


It's the shortest month of the year. So short, in fact, that we may have to just skip this and go right to March.

We can't? Oh. Okay.

Well let's see if we can at least get some new comics.

February 17th

  • "The Crucible" #33 - Things are looking bleak for our heroes. Their ghost vampire friend is gone, their sanctuary is dying, and Horvat has gone to South America. Can Spellbinder and her allies get there in time to stop Horvat, Papa Shaman, and their undead minions? Or is it already too late for them?

January 2018


Happy New Year, comic readers and creators!

January 26th

  • "Task Force Twilight" #02 - Jason Knight has been fighting a losing battle against the corrupt members of the Paragon City Police and their abusive "Blue Dog Squad". If things could not get any worse, he finds himself overpowered by the mysterious menace known as Despair. With his life and death literally flashing before his eyes, Jason sees only one way out.

December 2017


It's the holiday season! Let's see if new comics can make up for the lack of any in November...

December 16th

  • "The Crucible" #32 - It's the Zombie Avenger versus Lizzie Borden! A hero already dead versus a psychopath with daddy issues brought back to life by a voodoo priest. Who will win?

December 22nd

  • "Task Force Twilight" #1 - Can Jason Knight stop the corrupt Blue Dog Squad of the Paragon City Police before they finally manage to silence him?

November 2017


Is it really November? Mother Nature has a hard time believing it. Maybe some new comics will help.

October 2017


It's the time of Halloween, but Mother Nature appears to be giving us the tricks. Hopefully there will be new comic treats to compensate.

October 27th

  • "The Crucible" #31 - So what do you do when you rescue a beautiful woman from a necromancer? Why you take her home to meet your ghostly brother! No, that doesn't sound creepy at all. It is the month of October, after all.

September 2017


It's September! Fall begins! And it's a busy month for hurricanes! Can new comic releases follow? Let's find out!

September 29th

August 2017


Can you believe summer is almost over? We can't either. And to top it off, the United States will experience a once-in-a-century coast-to-coast solar eclipse! Let's see if the comics are there for us...

August 30th

  • "The Crucible" #30 - It's a necromancer and his zombie gang versus a vampire and a itty-bitty talking dragon... oh, and an innocent woman in the middle. Will she survive or will she be someone's snack? And our heroes look for answers in their own ways.

July 2017


June was just too stormy for new comics. Let's see if July is any better.

July 1st

  • "The Crucible" #29 - The Zombie Avenger is still on the case, with Spellbinder and her wacky friends in tow. And a few more friends and fiends join the party! And, really, when ISN'T it a party when you have zombies and vampires and witches and talking dragons?

July 28th

  • "Furia and the Guardians" #24 - N.W.N.C. - No Witness, No Complaint. The corrupt cops in Paragon City's Blue Dog Squad have used this to silence their complainers. Will they be able to do it again? Not if the Guardians of the Dawn have anything to say about it!

June 2017


It's summer already! So will there be anything hot and new in comics?

May 2017


It's May.. so MAY there be new comic releases for the month?

May 26th

  • "Furia and the Guardians" #23 - Part 2 of Mindy's Story. What is the big secret of Mindy Harrison? What happened to her after she was expelled from Freedom Corps? And what is her connection to the most dangerous adversary the Guardians of the Dawn ever faced?

April 2017


It's wet, it's miserable, so why do we like April again?

April 28th (aka National Superhero Day)

  • "The Crucible" #28 - Something creepy and dead stalks the sewers of Paragon City. And it's not alone. But is it good or evil? It's a good thing Spellbinder is back to sort it out, right?

March 2017


Let's not talk about February, okay? It was too short for creators to come up with something. As months go, it's a loser. Really. Just a loss. Sad.

March 31st

February 2017


January's releases were YUUUUGE! The largest ever, believe me! YUUUUUGE! And it's only going to get larger and larger! Believe me!

January 2017


It's a new year! Let's see what else is new!

January 26th

  • "The Crucible" #27 - This is it, the conclusion to Spellbinder's unwilling trip through the looking glass! Can she get home in time to stop the plans of her enemy? And what about the enemy in that strange but familiar world she found herself in? Find out!

January 27th

  • "Furia and the Guardians" #21 - Change is in the air! A new president, a new opportunity for Furia, and new opportunities for the Guardians of the Dawn.

December 2016


Hard to believe the year is coming to an end! Let's see if there are any presents for the good MMO Comic readers!

December 30th

November 2016


Thanksgiving makes the month seem shorter than it really is. All that chaos and hype...

November 25th

  • "Furia and the Guardians" #19 - Part 2 of the "Icarus" story, with special guest appearances by The Justice-Knights! The Earth was just spared the worst solar storm in history, but at what cost? And does that mean that the planet is really out of danger? And what is happening to Galatea Powers? Find out!

November 29th

  • "The Crucible" #26 - Spellbinder's journey continues as she struggles to find her way home, but a familiar face is not done with her yet. And speaking of "not done yet", Tempest's sworn enemy is continuing with her own plans of vengeance.

October 2016


Apparently September was too hot to release too many comics. Let's see if October will scare up a few more...

October 6th

  • "The Crucible" #25 - Spellbinder's trip into the weird wonderland continues as she confronts the Queen with... a pointy stick? What would Alice say about that?

October 30th

September 2016


The calendar may say it, but will Mother Nature believe it? Maybe she needs some reminders. Meanwhile, let's see what new comics are out there for this month...

September 30th

  • "Furia and the Guardians" #18 - The Earth faces a major cosmic threat. Can a group of alien hybrids save the planet? Find out as the "Icarus" storyline begins!

August 2016


Can you believe summer is almost over? Well, Mother Nature sure doesn't it want to be over that quickly.

August 21st

  • "Major Deej Universe: Origins" #3 - NYPD Police Officer Yorke survived what should have been a gruesome death. Now, as SERGEANT Yorke of the PPD's new Special Tactics Division, everything should be coming up roses, right??

August 26th

  • "Furia and the Guardians" #17 - While Furia is still on the mend, Galatea Powers is having to answer about some of the things she's done in the past few years. Jason Knight finds out if he's still worthy of wearing the MidKnight outfit. And something is about to happen that could impact the world!

July 2016


Here's to the month when it's okay to be patriotic... to read comics!
(Okay, actually you can do that every month, but Internet comics are a global thing.)

July 16th

  • "The Crucible" #24 - Spellbinder's trip through the looking glass continues as she finds herself in a civil war of sorts between hearts and spades.

June 2016


Summer officially starts this month, but things are already getting hot.

June 11th

  • "The Crucible" #23 - You saw Spellbinder briefly in Issue #22, but now she's back, and this time she's taking a trip "through the looking glass", although not by choice.

June 24th

  • "Furia and the Guardians" #16 - Galatea may potentially be one of the most powerful women in the "City of Heroes", but even she is not immune to surprises. Find out what has surprised her!

May 2016


April was a little anemic, but hopefully May will be better.

May 2nd

  • "The Crucible" #22 - It's the thrilling conclusion to "The House of Sothis" storyline, with special guest hero Furia Powers. Can the heroes stop the threat posed by the Sirians?

May 5th

  • "The Allied Fighters" #2 - "The Reformation of the Allied Fighters, Part I" The formation of the new 21st century Allied Fighters team begins! But will the first recruit be the first one to say "NO"? And why would he?

May 27th

  • "Furia and the Guardians" #15 - Make that "Galatea and the Guardians"! With Furia Powers down, her adopted sister-from-another-universe takes center stage.

April 2016


March was a little shy, so let's see if April will be any better.

April 2nd

  • "Major Deej Universe: Origins" #2 - Part 1 of the most important questions readers have been asking! "Who is Major Deej? And why is there a whole universe surrounding him?"

March 2016


How lucky will you be this month? Well, by "luck", we mean new comic releases. So let's see how lucky we can get!

March 25th

  • "Furia and the Guardians" #14 - It's Furia versus the Paragon City Police Department! Plus, how can an illusionist named Ally Kazam help Cardinal Syn save TashaTiger and unlock the catgirl's secret? Find out!

February 2016


This just in... the groundhog has been replaced with a two-headed coin toss. With that out of the way, let's see what comics will be out for the shortest month of the year.

February 26

Feburary 17th

  • "The Allied Fighters" #1 - Major Invader, the grizzled World War II superhero, is brought back to service to resurrect the Allied Fighters for the 21st Century.

February 12th

  • "The Crucible" #21 - The "House of Sothis" story continues as our heroes start to fight back on all fronts against the threat of the Sirians.

January 2016


And so another year begins. Let's see what else the new year brings us.

January 3rd

  • "The Crucible" #20 - The "House of Sothis" storyline continues! Furia Powers is in a tight situation. How does she get out? Plus, Synnamon Kitten finds Twelve. But she's not alone.

January 27th

January 29th

December 2015


Another year wraps up... let's see what gifts the creators keep giving.

December 25th (X-mas Day)

  • "Furia and the Guardians" #11 - It's the holiday season in the "City of Heroes". So why is Furia Powers acting a little like a hyper-powered Scrooge?

November 2015


It's time to see what we can be thankful for this month.

November 20th

  • "The Crucible" #19 - Part 2 of the "House of Sothis" storyline, with guest appearance by Furia Powers. The strange Egyptian-themed visitors continue their mission in Atlas Park, and anyone that tries to confront them are encased in crystal. But they don't know that it is the worst thing to do to Furia!

November 27th

  • "Furia and the Guardians" #10 - After all that's happened in Paragon City this past year, it's important for the heroes to get caught up on what they know about the attack by the super-powered villain named Destitution. But they're not the only ones getting updated on what happened and what they know. Plus, we finally get to look into the personal life of Furia Powers as she prepares for her first day job as "Fiona Poderes".

October 2015


Time for things to go "bump" in the night, so let's see what "bumps" into our release list!

October 3rd

October 30th

  • "Furia and the Guardians" #09 - Jason Knight's search for a missing AE employee takes a dark turn and exposes something worse in the Paragon Police Department! Will Jason answer the call for justice? Find out!

September 2015


September is here, school is back in session, so let's see if you have any reading assignments for this month!

September 25th (aka National Comic Book Day)

  • "Furia and the Guardians" #8 - While Furia and the other heroes were busy over at Portal Corporation, Jason Knight has returned to the streets of Kings Row.

August 2015


Sadly, July was way too hot for the creators. So let's see what August will bring.

August 11th

August 21st

  • "The Crucible" #17 - Following the "Luminary Lost" storyline, Watcher Twelve works on repairing his robotic companion, CIMAU, as he recalls when he first met the plucky robot.

August 28th

July 2015


Let's celebrate the mid-point of the year with new comic releases!

June 2015


It only gets hotter from here! Let's see what sort of comics sizzle this month.

June 26th

We have not one, but two releases today, and they're connected.

  • "The Crucible" #16 - Part 5 of "Luminary Lost" has the Vindicators and Twelve taking on the Horde. Secrets will be unlocked here!
  • "Furia and the Guardians" #6 - Furia Powers finds out that her new life in Paragon City is not as easy as she thought. Plus, from the end of "The Crucible", Koldfront gets his first assignment, and it involves Aurora Borealis and Twelve. But he's not the only one that shows up at this little meeting.

May 2015


They say that April Showers bring May Flowers... so what comic flowers will bloom this month?

May 29th

  • "Furia and the Guardians" #5 - Galatea Powers, the "True Guardian" of Paragon City, has found herself in what she believes is a "dead future". An Earth devastated by death and destruction. Worse, she is told these events can't be changed, and that she cannot return to her time. But if that's true, then why are her friends trying to bring her back? And who is helping them?

April 2015


Let's see what the Easter Bunny brings us for April...

April 15th

  • "The Crucible" #15 - Part 4 of the Vindicators Story! The missing Luminary comes crashing home... literally... to rejoin her sister Vindicators. But are they too late to stop the new threat?

April 24th

March 2015


Welcome to March! Let's see how much luck we have with new comics.

March 27th

  • "Furia and the Guardians" #3 - It's Furia versus Destitution in an all-out brawl for the future of Paragon City! But how can Furia prevail when the most powerful Guardian couldn't? Find out! Special guest appearance by Qualina.

February 2015


It's the month of Valentine's Day! Let's see if we get some fan-made comic love.

February 27th

  • "Furia and the Guardians" #2 - While the Guardians of the Dawn lead the heroes of Paragon City to stop the rampaging robots, a "looming threat" is making its way into the city. What happens when it makes its debut? And who will be able to stop it? Special guest appearance by Qualina from deviantART.

January 2015


Welcome to the new year! Let's see what new things come with it.

January 30th

  • Furia and the Guardians #1 - It's been two years since Furia Powers joined the Guardians of the Dawn, and it has not been an easy transition for her. Can she earn the respect and trust she deserves?

December 2014


November was too much of a turkey for our comic creators. Hopefully the holidays will give us some seasonal cheer.

December 1st

  • "The Crucible" #13 - Part 2 of the Vindicators story! The Vindicators are looking for their missing teammate. And what is up with the sudden Arachnos attack? Things are about to get really interesting!

December 31st

  • "The Crucible" #14 - Part 3 of the Vindicators story! Luminary is still missing, but her disappearance is quickly overshadowed in a blinding light.

November 2014


The Holiday Season gets started this month! Let's see what we can be thankful for this month!

October 2014


It's getting darker! Things are going "bump" in the night! It's October! The season of tricks and treats... and EVIL!

October 15th

October 31st

September 2014


We've labored through this month's releases!

September 1st

  • "Guardians of the Dawn GRADUATION" #3 - The thrilling conclusion to our three-part mini-series that takes a look at the "missing time" of the Guardians of the Dawn. Answers will be revealed here!

September 29th

  • "The Crucible" #11 - "Cowboys and Catgirls" comes to its thrilling conclusion with "Endgame". Lives will be changed!

August 2014


The summer is still sizzling hot both out there and in here!

August 1st

July 2014


June proved to be too hot for comic creators. But let's see what July brings us...

July 1st

  • Guardians of the Dawn GRADUATION #1 - Professor Bart Wallace had just gotten used to being retired when he was contacted by another hero he thought was also retired. Ryder Lightning is needed once again! But is Bart ready or willing to come back? What has changed since he last was in the Guardians of the Dawn? And who else is returning to Paragon City? Find out here!

July 21st

  • The Crucible #10 - Thing are getting dangerous for our Cowboy and Catgurl and their friends. One of them will DIE! Who will it be?

June 2014


As the temperatures start to rise, let's see what kind of new comics will pop up.

May 2014


The weather was too rough for comic creators last month. But they always say that "April showers bring May flowers", so let's see what it brings comic readers!

May 12th

  • Justice-Knights #12 - "Bad Business" Part 2 of 2 - The Knights and "The New Sin Stalker" are challenged like never before, between Mr. Cyril, Accelerator 2.0, and the Vanguard naval fleet. Who will prevail? Who will survive?

May 15th

April 2014


What new releases will spring forth this month?

March 2014


Will the Luck of the Irish be on fan-made comics and their readers? Let's find out!

March 15th

February 2014


The groundhog won't see his shadow if he's reading the latest comic releases!

February 4th

January 2014


Welcome to 2014! Hopefully the new year will bring more new issues!

January 1st

January 15th

December 2013


'Tis the season for new comics! Our Comic Elves have been working overtime to make sure you enjoy some new material in time for those boring holiday parties.

December 1st

  • Future's Guardian #9 - A strange woman in green arrives in Millennium City looking very much like a certain iconic hero from a certain "City". Is she really who she claims to be? And if so, then why does she know certain things about Galatea Future that she shouldn't?

November 2013


October was more trick than treat, but hopefully November will bring a bigger bounty for you to be thankful for.

October 2013


September was a little anemic as our creators were busy doing their homework, but hopefully October will leave you with more treats than tricks!

October 15th

September 2013


School is back in and it's time to bone up on the latest in graphical literature!

September 1st

August 2013


August is *HOT* and it is only getting hotter with these new comic releases.

In fact, it's so hot that some of our creators couldn't wait until August 1st!

July 30th

  • New Allied Fighters #9 - Home Invasion Part VII! As the heroes converge on the venerable Base HQ, some heroes may never make it! Find out the fate of Aguila de Mexico, as well as the game-changer that now awaits Ms. Vindicator. Predominator revelations (yes, he finally get 'some' clothes!) and the final legs of the base journey are upon Atheyta and Captain Lithuania.

August 1st

  • Future's Guardian #6 - Someone is asking questions about Galatea's past, who she is, and how she arrived in the world of the Champions. Her very future as a hero in that world depends on who is asking those questions and how she answers them!

August 3rd

  • The Justice-Knights #11 - Bad Business 1 of 2 - While most of the Justice-Knights are seemingly lost without Sin Stalker, Lady Inferus and Dr. Frostburg find themselves inside a sinking deathtrap that used to be their headquarters.