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"Mind-Dancer" is the name of a character in the now-defunct City of Heroes MMO.

It is believed that she was the very first of her kind to identify the mystical form of telepathy. This makes her either extremely old, or she has somehow been able to transfer her essence into other bodies.

(Note: For information regarding the mystical art of "mind-dancing", click here.)

Character History

It is believed that Salome was born in the 1300's in what would today be called Syria. Her family was forced to flee the invasion of the Ottoman Empire, and they found refuge in Greece. Sadly, the peace they sought was short-lived, and her family was soon murdered. But Salome survived. She did not understand why the men could not kill her, but a kind man took her into his family and raised her. As she grew to an adult, she realized that she had a gift, one that allowed her to influence the minds of others.

It wasn't long before Salome would put her gift to her benefit, influencing men to give her money. When the other women would be jealous or suspicious, she'd arrange to have them silenced. This would continue for a few years until she found someone just like her, who was using his own gift in the same way, but with women,

The two became an unstoppable pair for a brief period. But then they struggled over who would be the one in control. She would prevail, but the confrontation changed her. She realized that there were others like her. Others who could use the same powers against her.

In the years that would follow, Salome would seek out others with the same gift. She began to understand that the art of what she called "mind-dancing" was a gift that came from magic instead of through biological mutation. Unlike "natural" telepaths, she can turn her "gift" on and off at will. She could do things with her gift that others could not.

She began to refer to herself as "Mind-Dancer" to differentiate herself from other kinds of psychics. When she found others with her gift, she assessed their abilities and began helping to train them so they could also operate in secret. She also began to perfect the secret of being young and seemingly immortal.

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Powers and Abilities

Due to her advanced age and extensive history, we are unable to measure the full extent of her mystical ability.


Related Information

According to creator David 2, Mind-Dancer will make her first appearance in "Task Force Twilight" #5.