Midnight Paladin

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Midnight Paladin
Man of Mystery - Man of Justice
Creator: David 2/Battlerock X
First Appearance: Tales From Paragon City #2
Game: City of Heroes
Personal Data
Real Name: Roman Dane
Known Aliases: Warhorse
Species: Human
Age: '
Height: '
Weight: '
Eye Color: '
Hair Color: '
Biographical Data
Nationality: Praetorian
Occupation: Vigilante
Place of Birth: '
Base of Operations: Praetoria
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unnamed parents (deceased)
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Badge GoingRogue.png This character is from the Praetorian Universe.

"A man of mystery. A man of justice? There are plenty of rumors about this gunslinger. Some say he was a former Praetorian Police Officer. Some say he was orphaned as a child. All that anyone knows is that he carries out justice in a way that had not been seen in over a century"
- from an anonymous Praetorian Police Officer

Midnight Paladin is a character in the now-defunct City of Heroes MMO. He was a hero in the alternative universe known as Praetoria.

He was featured in Issue #2 of "Tales from Paragon City".

Character History


Among Emperor Cole's lieutenants, none were as loyal as the gunslinger known as Warhorse.

Born Roman Dane, Warhorse first earned his reputation in Army as an Expert Marksman. After serving his tour, he returned to New York, only to find it under siege by the Devouring Earth. He quickly signed up with Cole's new forces, using cutting-edge technology to come up with a new and more devastating set of handguns, which he called the "War-Cannons". Capable of firing mini-explosive ordinance as well as Teflon-coated shells, Dane was quickly dubbed the "Warhorse" because of his willingness to jump to action and to continue to fight until the battle is done.

Over the years, Dane worked closely with Cole and his other lieutenants in fighting the threat of the Hamidon and the Devouring Earth. As a normal human without any additional skills, he earned the respect of both the superheroes and the normal operatives. It was said that Dane could have easily joined the others as one of Cole's honored Praetors if not for a moment of tragedy that took away the three people he loved: his parents and his fiancée.


For reasons only he knew, Dane officially retired from service after the establishment of the new city-state of Praetoria. Because of his years of loyal service with Emperor Cole, he was given a generous retirement program, including a fully-furnished luxury home in Imperial City.

He began a regular trade with the local Trading House of Praetoria for rare items that, although they seemed to resemble cheaply-made children's toys, were incredibly profitable for some.

Return to Action

Gradually Dane found himself back into service as a member of Emperor Cole's Powers Division, but this time under a new outfit, new guns, and a new name: the mysterious Midnight Paladin.

This time around, Dane's mission is to bring justice to Praetoria, starting with discovering the identity of those that murdered his fiancée and his parents for the Syndicate.

Powers and Attributes

Midnight Paladin's primary ability is Dual Pistols. His primary weapons are Match Compensators with laser sightings and variable ammunition. This ammunition can include standard, cryogenic, incendiary, or chemical ordinance.

His secondary ability is Devices. He carries several devices allowing him to bolster his attacks or hinder his opponents.

Other devices include his ProTek body armor, which he wears under his trenchcoat and trousers, as well as his advanced tech helmet.

Through his helmet, he has access to all communication bands, including Praetorian Police frequencies, the Total Praetoria Network, and even some frequencies used by the Resistance. The visor gives him enhanced vision to determine threat capabilities and their distance. To further disable his adversaries, his visor also flashes a low-level light designed to hypnotize people who face him. The frequency is designed to affect not only humans, but also the Praetorian Clockwork units that sometimes malfunction or are co-opted to serve the Resistance. His helmet also blocks his thoughts from Mother Mayhem's telepathic Seers.

Related Information

Midnight Paladin was first seen in "Tales From Paragon City #2". To mark his story being different from others in the series, the title page was altered to say "Tales from Praetoria".