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Matt Burke is a citizen of Praetoria.

Character History

Matt Burke was a loyal soldier in the early years of the Hamidon Wars. He tried to defend his home against the Devouring Earth, only to watch as his mother was poisoned by one of the spores. Afterward, he pledged his services to Emperor Cole to destroy every bit of the Hamidon and its Devouring Earth minions.

When containment was no longer possible, Cole gave the order to evacuate the cities. Burke was promoted to Evacuation Specialist, coordinating with the military to get as many civilians evacuated as possible. He transported many of them to First Ward, until their sonic barrier was compromised by the Hamidon. While he wasn't involved in that evacuation, he agreed with the Emperor's decree to consider First Ward a loss.

Burke continued to serve the Emperor faithfully and without question, even when he was asked to "surrender" himself to Praetor Tilman as a way to trap "Lady Midnight". He discovered that "Lady Midnight" was really an agent from the "other universe" that was working to undermine the emperor's rule and that she had some sort of connection to him. He used that knowledge to lure Lady Midnight to "rescue" him, then he sprung the trap and captured her.

While torturing her for information with the Seers, he tried to pry the connection between Lady Midnight and his other-world counterpart, but she kept silent.

As expected, other heroes from that other world soon arrived, with a strange connection to well-known Praetorian hero, Furia Powers. He assumed she was trying another scheme to bring down the resistance, not knowing that she was working with the resistance. While Burke's soldiers were being overpowered and handily defeated by ExGemini and Icon Powers, Furia herself took down Burke and freed Lady Midnight.

It is unknown what happened to Burke afterward. Emperor Cole has a low tolerance for failure.

Related Information

Badge GoingRogue.png This character is from the Praetorian Universe.

Matt Burke first appears in Issue #13 of "The Guardian Powers".

His counterpart in the Primal Universe is Matthew Burke.