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The MMO Comic Index is a MMO fan-based and fan-run WikiMedia website providing information about the various MMO Comic Book series, characters and even helpful tips, guides and more to help YOU in making your own fan-based comics.

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Happy 10th Anniversary, Champions!


We want to take this time to say Happy 10th Anniversary to Champions Online!

The MMO went online on September 1st, 2009, and every year they celebrate with a month-long event with a giant cake and free concerts.

This is the MMO that was created by the same people who created City of Heroes, based on the role-playing game that also served as the inspiration for CoH. You can see the similarities with some of the heroes, especially when it comes to Witchcraft and Sister Psyche. But the developers also made sure that Champions would feature some things that they could not incorporate in CoH, such as being able to pick up objects and throw them. (They also had a belly slider, but somehow that got removed.) They also introduced the concept of vehicles, essentially turning your character into a customizable vehicle that they can use to travel.

Sadly, their content slackened somewhat in recent years, going into what they call "maintenance mode" while the developers worked on other projects. However, with the recent news of a "hidden server" for the now-shuttered City of Heroes showing continued interest in superhero MMOs, and with the 10th Anniversary, Cryptic has been adding more and more content.

We want to take this time to wish Champions Online a Happy 10th Anniversary and for providing content for comic creators.

Thoughts? Ideas? Feedback? Questions? Any tips you would like to share? Let us know!

(Submitted by BattlerockX (talk) 06:37, 31 August 2019 (PDT) )

Featured Article

Keeping It Together

When doing a comic book series, it's important to remember the world that your characters live in.

When dealing with comic books based in a shared environment such as an MMORPG, you always have to keep in mind the history of the world set up in that MMORPG.

For instance, in the now-defunct City of Heroes MMO, the events of September 11th, 2001 never happened. Instead, the devastating crisis that has changed that world happened in 2002, when an extradimensional alien army invaded and briefly subjugated the whole planet. So to make a "9/11" reference in that world would be meaningless, but making one about the worldwide invasion of 2002 would.

Likewise, the catastrophic event in the world of Champions Online MMO is the Battle of Detroit, which happened in 1992 and was so devastating that it literally destroyed the city and gave rise to a new one called Millennium City.

But there's more to this than just the backstory of that world. You also have to keep track of events going on with other comics based in the same world. The events that happen in your comic don't just happen in a vacuum. They potentially have an impact on other comics.

For instance, the events told in the "Obey" storyline in the "Justice-Knights" series had an impact on characters in the Guardians of the Dawn hero group, bringing the founding members together for the first time in a story that would be told in the "Guardians of the Dawn - 2012 Special". Likewise, the events told in the "House of Sothis" storyline in "The Crucible" would have a direct effect on Furia Powers, with the aftermath being seen in her own series, "Furia and the Guardians".

This is where cooperation and collaboration with other comic creators come in. Keeping track of the various events and storylines between different creators keeps the continuity of each of their comics intact, and thus expanding on the world they all live in. This is where resources such as those available to comic creators here come in.

The world is a huge stage, and when you have multiple "actors" performing on that stage, it's important they are aware of each other and what they are doing. Keeping it all together makes the performance on that global stage that much greater, and makes the performers on that stage that much more important.

Have a suggestion or a comment? Talk about it here!

(Submitted by BattlerockX (talk) 02:35, 14 May 2017 (PDT) )

Presented by the C.C.C.


The City of Comic Creators was founded in early 2008, and was initially created to promote comic book creations by the fans and players of the City Of Heroes/City of Villains/Going Rogue franchise. This is done by promoting the creation of comic books, and educating the player-base on the how's, the why's and the where's of comic book creation, publication, and representation.

The CCC has since expanded its scope to include fan-made creations involving ALL MMOs in the hopes of providing a resource for players to enjoy fan-made creations, and also for comic creators themselves to develop their skills to create the best comics their talent and imagination can provide.

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