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The purpose of the MMO Comic Index is to provide a resource center for MMO-based fan-generated comic series for material and reference information.

Spam Policy

The MMO Comic Index has no tolerance for using their resources for purposes that are outside the stated goal of this website. Registered users that use or attempt to use the website's resources for the purpose of third-party merchant services outside of accepted MMORPG providers are in violation of our policy and will have their accounts immediately suspended.


"Spam" is defined as unsolicited electronic advertisement.

"Spam" as applied to this website is the use of this website's resources either to advertise for third-party merchant services that do not involve the stated goal of this website or to use the resources as a reference page for unsolicited electronic advertisement through other services (i.e. electronic mail).


Users that have shown to be in violation of our policy will have their accounts blocked and their IP addresses banned indefinitely.

Administrators also reserve the right to pro-actively block user names that are suspected of being "bot-generated" for the purpose of violating the stated policy of this resource.