Legendary J-Man

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The Legendary J-Man
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Games: City of Heroes
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Date Premiered: '
Number of Issues: 15
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The Official J-Man Comics follow the adventures of the Legendary J-Man as he tries to find a way out of Paragon City and back to J-Land.

The series also includes the continuing saga of the Evil J-Man as he tries to bring the Winter Event year round as the Avatar of the Winter Lord. To read the comics please click on the description line. It will take you to where J-Man currently has his comics uploaded.


Official J-Man comics have starred a variety of characters, we here at the City of Comic Creators have broken them down into groups so you can find the ones about who you want to read ... about.

Starring the Legendary J-Man

Comics falling under this banner star the Legendary J-Man himself. J-Man is a hero who does not care one little bit about the world around him. He only cares about himself and getting back to J-Land. The only reason he is even bothering with the world around him is because he is trying to advertise the armor he wears to earn money for the research on how to get him back to J-Land. That being said, it does not mean he can not accidentily do some good for the world.

Issue 1: Epic Battle

JMNCover1.jpg Where in the Legendary J-Man fights off his worst foes.

Issue 2: Rescue part 1

JMNcover2.JPG Where in the Legendary J-Man fights his addictions.

Issue 3: Rescue part 2

JMNCover3.JPG Where in the Legendary J-Man saves the day.

Issue 4: Winter Event 2005 part 1

JMNcover4.JPG Where in the Legendary J-Man finds his heart.

Issue 5: Winter Event 2005 part 2

JMNcover5.JPG Where in the Legendary J-Man saves the Winter Event.

Issue 6: Valentine's Event 2006 part 1

JMNCover6.JPG Where in the Legendary J-Man goes clubbing.

Issue 7: Valentine's Event 2006 part 2

JMNCover7.JPG Where in the Legendary J-Man learns a lesson about himself.

Issue 8: J-Man in Wonderburg part 1

JMNCover8.JPG Where in the Legendary J-Man gets a job.

Issue 9: J-Man in Wonderburg part 2

JMNCover9.JPG Where in its like the Winter Event all over again.

Issue 10: J-Man in Wonderburg part 3

JMNCover10.JPG Where in the Legendary J-Man tests his puzzle solving skills.

Issue 11: J-Man in Wonderburg part 4

JMNCover11.JPG Where in the Legendary J-Man is a detective.

Issue 12: J-Man in Wonderburg part 5

JMNCover12.JPG Where in the Legendary J-Man is the big pieloving hero.

Issue 13: J-Man in Wonderburg part 6

JMNcover13.JPG Where in things just get worse.

Issue 14: J-Man in Wonderburg part 7

JMNCover14.JPG Where in the Legendary J-Man finds three pieces to the puzzle.

Issue 15: J-Man in Wonderburg part 8

JMNCover15.JPG Where in the world's fate is left up to the Legendary J-Man's memory

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