How To: Create A Comic/Part 10: What Next?

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What’s next, you ask?

Well, that’s up to you.

There are a few ways you can go from here…



You can choose to sit on your laurels and do nothing. Many a comic creator has done just that. They had an idea, they went with the idea, they turned it into a comic, and now it’s on to the next challenge for them.

And that’s fine if that is what you wish. We wish you luck in your next endeavor.

Another Comic

Another option is to come up with a different comic altogether. Many players have more than one character in their MMO accounts. Certainly you could develop a different character and work on a different comic for that character. Maybe even take a different approach to it from the first comic.

That could even lead you to the third option…

Ongoing Series

If you haven’t already made the decision to develop your comic into an ongoing series, then maybe you should consider it.

On the plus side, you would already have all of the tools needed to do future issues at this point, so it’s just a matter of repeating what you’ve done before with some new material. You could even improve on some things with future issues. You know what they say: practice makes perfect.

Bear in mind that doing an ongoing series does require some time and dedication. That’s time away from game-play. It means putting some thought into character development and story on a regular basis. It means logging in and instead of asking yourself “What do I want to do with my character next?” you start asking “What can I do for the next issue?”

But the payoff to that is you get to share your character’s experiences with others, and you get to show off your own creativity. Then it becomes more than just a “mindless distraction”. It becomes a talent and a skill, and you never know where that can lead you.

It’s up to you how you wish to go from this point.

Moving Onward

Not done yet…