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The Hero ID card (also sometimes known as a HeroID) is the standard form of identification for registered heroes in Paragon City. Its formal name is the "Paragon City Hero Registration System", but most simply refer to it as "Hero ID".

The history of the Hero ID card goes back to the original Citizen Crime Fighting Act of 1937, which legalized superhero activities as long as they followed the same rules as law enforcement.

Over the years, the Hero ID card became as versatile to heroes as the Social Security Number is to the ordinary person. In addition to law enforcement resources and access to top secret projects, the Hero ID card became the key to access confidential areas of the city, including Vanguard Headquarters and all hazard zones. Hero ID cards also can be used in lieu of a college ID, as all registered heroes are allowed to enroll in a special course

Police call boxes all over Paragon City were retro-fitted to allow Hero ID cards. Eventually special kiosks were created for heroes, although the call box system was still available. With the creation of automatic security drones, Hero ID cards were modified to allow heroes unchallenged access without having to show their card to the drones.

Following the 2002 Rikti Invasion, reverse-engineering of Rikti technology allowed for modified Hero ID cards to monitor one's vital signs as long as the card is on their person, and to then trigger an emergency medical teleport prior to that person's death.

Applications for Hero ID cards can be accepted at City Hall and any Freedom Corps outpost.

Alternate Versions

In 2005, the Hero ID card was successfully reverse-engineered by Dr. Aeon and a Villain ID card system was created for the Rogue Isles.

A similar system was created in the Praetorian Universe by Anti-Matter.