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'''Title: ""''' ([Read]) ([Alt]) ([Issuu])
'''Title: ""''' ([Read]) ([Alt]) ([Issuu])
'''[[Psilence of Consicence (FG)|"Psilence of Conscience"]] Part 1'''
'''Summary:''' To be announced...
'''Summary:''' To be announced...

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The story continues...
Future's Guardian
Author: David 2
Author Aliases: Battlerock X
Games: Champions Online
Genre: Action/Adventure
Series Type: ongoing
Date Premiered: 02/01/2013
Number of Issues: 5
Date of Last Issue: '
Average Issue Length: 34
Main Cast
Galatea Future
Programs Used
Champions Online, MS Publisher, GIMP
Continuation from "The Lost Adventures of Galatea Future", first series directly published under "Battlerock Comics" imprint.

"Future's Guardian" is an ongoing comic series that takes place in the world of Champions Online.

The story continues from "The Lost Adventures of Galatea Future", picking up over a year after the previous series concluded.


Issue 01

FuturesGuardian-01c.jpg FuturesGuardian-01altc.jpg Alternate cover

Title: "Return of the Guardian" (Read) (Alt) (Issuu)

Summary: After more than year out of sight, Galatea Future returns to Millennium City. What sort of changes await her? And how has she changed?

Issue 02


Title: "The Man From U.N.T.I.L." (Read) (Alt) (Issuu)

Summary: Ronin Omega investigates the death of Foreclosure, but he's not the only one to do so as UNTIL sends in their own special agent. Plus, we are introduced to Starlett.

Issue 03


Title: "Vox Populii" (Read) (Alt) (Issuu)

Summary: Galatea Future has to deal with a certain problem that she can't solve by brute force. This is a special issue dealing with a very serious subject.

Issue 04

FuturesGuardian-04c.jpg FuturesGuardian-04ac.jpg (Alternate Cover)

Title: "Best Supporting Actress" (Read) (Alt) (Issuu)

Summary: While Galatea Future tries to save the mayor, Starlett has an encounter that she may not be able to walk away from.

Issue 05


Title: "The Hunt" (Read) (Alt) (Issuu)

Summary: It's the hunted going up against the hunter... but which one is which? Galatea Future needs to keep her best friend safe, but she can't do it alone. And someone from Galatea's past will have important information that will change everything!

Issue 06

FuturesGuardian-06c.jpg (Tentative Release 08/01)

Title: "Consequences" ([Read]) ([Alt]) ([Issuu])

Summary: Following the events of the previous issue, questions are raised about Galatea's actions and her origins. But while she tries to deal with that problem, a new figure appears in Millennium City with a mission. Can the city survive the arrival of THE NATIONALIST?

Issue 07

FG-TBAc.jpg (Currently in Production)

Title: "" ([Read]) ([Alt]) ([Issuu])

"Psilence of Conscience" Part 1

Summary: To be announced...

Issue 08


Title: "" ([Read]) ([Alt]) ([Issuu])

Summary: To be announced...

Issue 09


Title: "" ([Read]) ([Alt]) ([Issuu])

Summary: To be announced...

Issue 10


Title: "" ([Read]) ([Alt]) ([Issuu])

Summary: To be announced...

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