Furia and the Guardians

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The Next Generation Of Legends!
Furia and the Guardians
Author: David 2
Author Aliases: Battlerock X
Games: City of Heroes
Genre: Action/Adventure
Series Type: Ongoing Series
Date Premiered: 1/30/2015
Number of Issues: 25
Date of Last Issue: 09/29/2017
Average Issue Length: 35
Main Cast
Furia Powers, Ryder Lightning, Galatea Powers, Guardian Star, Lexie Lothora, Jason Knight
Official Guardians of the Dawn Website
Battlerock Comics
Programs Used
City of Heroes, Titan Icon, MS Publisher, PDFCreator, Splasher, GIMP
Created using demorecording and Titan Icon

"Furia and the Guardians" is a comic series set in the world of the City of Heroes MMO.

The series follows from the conclusions of events seen in the "Guardians of the Dawn GRADUATION" mini-series, and focuses primarily on Furia Powers, the former Praetorian hero who became a member of the Guardians of the Dawn hero group.

The series made its debut on January 30th, 2015, with new issues scheduled to go online on every last Friday of the month.

Series Issues


Issue 01


Title: "Do-Over" (MMOComicIndex) (deviantART) (Issuu)

Summary: Two years after coming to the "City of Heroes", Furia Powers still finds it hard to fit in. Plus, Lexie Lothora's first excursion starts.

Issue 02


Title: "Destitution" (MMOComicIndex) (deviantART) (Issuu)

Summary: Strange robots attack Paragon City, and the Guardians are given point over all the heroes to combat this threat. But things take a quick turn for the worse when the "looming threat" from Siren's Call arrives in Steel Canyon.

Issue 03


Title: "Respect" (MMOComicIndex) (deviantART) (Issuu)

Summary: It's Furia Powers versus Destitution in a no-holds-barred winner-take-all battle for the future of Paragon City! But how can Furia beat him when the most powerful Guardian couldn't? Find out!

Where is Galatea?

Issue 04


Title: "Where is Galatea Powers?" (MMOComicIndex) (deviantART) (Issuu)

Summary: In the aftermath of Destitution's very public attack, Paragon City tries to heal, officials look for answers, and the heroes look for a missing Galatea Powers. But the city's "True Guardian" is actually asking where she is. Plus: Ryder Lightning meets with the new patron of the Guardians, and Furia gets some good news and a new outfit.

Issue 05


Title: "With A Little Help From My Friends" (MMOComicIndex) (deviantART) (Issuu)

Summary: Can Galatea Powers come home from a dead future and a devastated Paragon City? And who is trying to help her?

Furia's New Life

Issue 06


Title: "Welcome To My (New) Life" (MMOComicIndex) (deviantART) (Issuu)

Summary: Furia is offered a new personal identity. But will she take it? Plus, Koldfront has his first assignment with the Guardians, and it involves both Aurora Borealis from the Vindicators and Twelve from "The Crucible" #16. But he's not the only one that shows up.

Issue 07


Title: "Hello! My Name Is..." (MMOComicIndex) (deviantART) (Issuu)

Summary: Furia Powers and Guardian Star head on over to help Koldfront, Auroroa Borealis, and Watcher Twelve defend Portal Corporation from a two-pronged assault from the Clockwork and the Freakshow. But all is not as it appears. What strange twists are afoot?

The Return of The Knight

Issue 08


Title: "Knight and Grey" (MMOComicIndex) (deviantART) (Issuu)

Summary: While Furia and the other Guardians were busy over at Portal, Jason Knight returns to the streets of Kings Row. But this isn't the same man who used to be known and feared as "MidKnight X". He has a new life, a new job, even a new name. But what does that mean for "The Knight"?

Issue 09


Title: "A Call For Justice" (MMOComicIndex) (deviantART) (Issuu)

Summary: Jason Knight's search for a missing Architect Entertainment employee takes a bad turn, but also exposes an even bigger problem within the Paragon City Police Department.

Issue 10


Title: "Following-Up" (MMOComicIndex) (deviantART) (Issuu)

Summary: After the events of recent issues (not to mention the events of "The House of Sothis" storyline in "The Crucible"), both the Guardians of the Dawn and the CEO of LexieTech get an update on their activities. Plus, Lord Geddy's "Gift of Facilitation" (from "Guardians of the Dawn GRADUATION") introduces himself, and we finally get to see Furia's new day job.

Issue 11


Title: "Holiday For Heroes" (MMOComicIndex) (deviantART) (Issuu)

Summary: The holidays are here, but why is Furia Powers acting like Furia Scrooge?

TashaTiger's Story

Issue 12


Title: "Catgirls and Bulldogs" (MMOComicIndex) (deviantART) (Issuu)

Summary: TashaTiger's origins are finally revealed as we find out what has been happening to her since her return from the Devastation of Galaxy City. Plus, say hello to another member of the legendary Powers Family!

Issue 13


Title: "Of Cat-Beasts and Blue-Dogs" (MMOComicIndex) (deviantART) (Issuu)

Summary: The possible return of the Libertarian Avenger has repercussions that affect hero and police alike. Plus, the Guardians try to keep TashaTiger from the police, but they're not the only ones looking for her. Is conflict with the police inevitable?

Issue 14


Title: "N-W-N-C" (MMOComicIndex) (deviantART) (Issuu)

Summary: It's Furia Powers versus the might of Paragon City Police Department's two most formidable groups. Who will win? And with it being broadcast live on TV, how can it not turn into an all-out "Badge War"? Plus, Cardinal Syn must go where she never expected to go to save TashaTiger... right into the cat-girl's mutated mind! What is TashaTiger's secret? And how does an illusionist named Ally Kazam play into all this?

"Galatea and the Guardians"

Following the events in Issue #14, Furia's adopted sister takes center stage.

Issue 15


Title: "Consequences" (MMOComicIndex) (deviantART) (Issuu)

Summary: With Furia incapacitated following her recent encounters, Galatea Powers must resume her mantle as the city's "True Guardian". And it couldn't come at a worst time, as pressure mounts for Furia's arrest, Lexie Lothora kicks off the next phase of her program, and someone new arrives at Guardian Base.

Issue 16


Title: "How Things Escalate" (MMOComicIndex) (deviantART) (Issuu)

Summary: As Jason Knight looks deeper into the murder of Rose Vesta, something else happens in Kings Row that shakes Galatea Powers. Meanwhile, Guardian Star makes a shocking discovery concerning his hyper-powered girlfriend. What will he do with this new information? And just how long has Carlton Sage been watching over the Guardians of the Dawn? You might be surprised!

Issue 17


Title: Prelude to Calamity (MMOComicIndex) (deviantART) (Issuu)

Summary: While Furia is still on the mend, Galatea Powers is having to answer about some of the things she's done in the past few years. Jason Knight finds out if he's still worthy of wearing the MidKnight outfit. And something is about to happen that could impact the world!


(See announcement) A global threat brings the heroes of Paragon City back to the forefront, and Galatea's full potential begins to emerge.

Issue 18


Title: "Icarus - Part 1" (MMOComicIndex) (deviantART) (Issuu)

Summary: The problems facing the heroes of Paragon City take a backseat as something truly cosmic in nature is about to happen. Something so powerful that it can destroy the whole world. What is this threat? And how can a group of hybrid aliens be the only ones that can save the planet?

Issue 19


Title: "Icarus - Part 2" (MMOComicIndex) (deviantART) (Issuu)

Summary: The after-effects of the solar event are felt all around the world. And having spared the worst of the event, the planet's saviors must now be saved. It's time for Galatea Powers and some old friends to mount a rescue.

Issue 20


Title: "Icarus - Part 3" (MMOComicIndex) (deviantART) (Issuu)

Summary: The thrilling conclusion to the "Icarus" story. What is happening to Galatea Powers? Can a group of "D-list" heroes save the planet?

Special appearances by the Justice-Knights and President Barack Obama in his final appearance as President.

Shaking Things Up

2017 brings a new president and some new changes to the world, including the superhero community!

Issue 21


Title: "Change Is In The Air" (MMOComicIndex) (deviantART) (Issuu)

Summary: On the eve of the inauguration of a new President, Furia Powers is offered a new opportunity, and the leaders of the Guardians of the Dawn meet to discuss the future of the superhero group.

"Mindy's Story"

Issue 22


Title: "Mindy's Story - Part 1" (MMOComicIndex) (deviantART) (Issuu)

Summary: Who is Mindy Harrison? Her story is finally being told!

Issue 23


Title: "Mindy's Story - Part 2" (MMOComicIndex) (deviantART) (Issuu)

Summary: Mindy Harrison's origin story continues as the truth comes out about Streetangel. Can Furia and the Guardians of the Dawn come to her aid before the corrupt cops of the Blue Dog Squad make their move?

Final Confrontations?

Issue 24


Title: "NWNC Again?" (MMOComicIndex) (deviantART) (Issuu)

Summary: NWNC: No Witness, No Complaint. The greatest tool the corrupt police officers of Paragon City's Blue Dog Squad have on their side. If the people that complain about their corrupt and abusive actions are killed, then their complaints die with them. But will they be able to silence all of the complainers before the Guardians of the Dawn can stop them?

Issue 25


Title: "One More Time... With Feeling" (MMOComicIndex) (deviantART) (Issuu)

Summary: Last Issue. An old enemy returns. One more fight? One last fight?

Note: The stories continue in "Task Force Twilight".

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