Furia Powers

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Furia Powers
The Former Praetorian Hero
Creator: David 2/Battlerock X
First Appearance: "The Guardian Powers" #12
Game: City of Heroes
Personal Data
Real Name: Faith Powers
Known Aliases: Furia, Fiona Poderes
Species: Mutant
Age: '
Height: '
Weight: '
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Purple
Biographical Data
Nationality: Praetorian
Occupation: Hero, investigator
Place of Birth: Wales, Great Britain (Praetorian Universe)
Base of Operations: Paragon City (Primal Universe)
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: Windham Powers (father, deceased), Kate Powers (sister, deceased), Katie Lea Powers (adopted sister), Galatea Powers (adopted sister), Kent "Icon" Powers (adopted uncle)
The Guardian Powers, Guardians of the Dawn 2012 Special, Guardians of the Dawn GRADUATION, Furia and the Guardians, The Crucible
Known Powers
Internal telekinetic control
Known Abilities
Kinetic Mêlée, flight, willpower
Praetorian Police equipment
Badge GoingRogue.png This character is from the Praetorian Universe.
Badge GotD.png This character is a member of the Guardians of the Dawn.
Badge Vortex.png This entry deals with an alternate universe.

Furia Powers is the last surviving member of the Powers family in the Praetorian Universe. She is the Praetorian counterpart of Faith Powers, the late sister of Lyon Powers. She would later become a member of the Guardians of the Dawn in the Primal Universe.

Character History

Praetorian Universe

In the Praetorian Universe, the world was under attack from the Hamidon and the Devouring Earth. With whole cities falling, the decision was made to get as many survivors as possible and start anew.

One of the people recruited was Windham Powers, a British intelligence officer that oversaw the European hero efforts against the Hamidon. His organizational skills were essential for Marcus Cole, who was appointed "Global Commander". Windham agreed to help organize the heroes in the new city-state on the condition that his two surviving daughters be brought over and given citizenship.

With the creation and opening of First Ward, Windham began working on the Powers Division, while his older daughter Faith began her training to become an investigator and younger daughter Katherine (or "Kate") attended primary education. Sadly, not long after the completion of Imperial City, Windham was found dead in his office. Members of the Destroyers were blamed for his murder and Praetor White, the new leader of the Powers Division, vowed he would make sure every Praetorian hero would bring the Destroyers to justice.

Following the death of their father, Faith became the legal guardian of Kate. But this time was short-lived as First Ward was violently attacked from below by the Hamidon. To stop the Hamidon aspects already inside, the decision was made to turn the sonic field inward. Evacuation transports ferried as many civilians and "prime citizens" as possible, with the last of these transports waiting for Faith and her sister. However, an aspect of the Hamidon appeared and killed Kate before Faith could act.

Furia Powres in her Praetorian hero outfit
Faith was evacuated to Imperial City with the last of the "worthy", where she was later honored by Emperor Cole as the face of the "generation of vengeance". It was during this time, full of rage and anger, that Faith legally changed her name to "Furia Powers". With help of the other members of the Powers Division, Furia focused her energy toward cleaning up the city, particularly against the Destroyers.

But the one thing that she could not do was to let go of First Ward, even when the Emperor himself ordered that people "forget" about it. Her time in First Ward was a bright spot in her life, and she could not fathom giving that up to appease Cole. So she relied on her early training to compartmentalize her feelings to prevent the Seers from knowing this.

Still, those thoughts would lead her to recognize a former resident of First Ward working for the Resistance that she was previously told was dead. The Resistance member told her that there were still a few hundred survivors still living in the outermost corner of First Ward and that they had been trying to get as many of them to safety as possible.

Returning to what was left of First Ward, Furia discovered that what she was told by the Resistance was true. Not only that, but she discovered that Cole had created special teams with orders to exterminate those survivors on sight. Since all remaining survivors of First Ward still there are officially declared "dead", there would be no public backlash, since the special teams would "officially" be looking for Devouring Earth creatures.

Furia could not allow this to stand, although she knew that challenging the will of Cole would be suicide. So she made a deal with the Resistance to help quietly bring as many survivors to Praetoria as possible. She would focus her efforts on every other threat to the city, but would leave the Resistance alone.

She seemed comfortable with this agreement, at least consciously. But weeks after, her nights were plagued with nightmares concerning the death of her sister.

Recruitment to Primal Universe

For reasons she did not understand, she was blackmailed by a mysterious caller to go to Studio 55, where she found a strange portal to the other-dimensional Pocket D nightclub. There she encountered Katie Lea Powers, her younger sister in the Primal Universe.

Katie Lea, the Primal Universe superhero known as Lyon Powers, had also been lured to Pocket D by a mysterious caller. The two compared notes and Lyon guessed that the mysterious cosmic force Libra was behind their arranged meeting as part of his overall plan for Praetoria concerning Midnight Arachnia.

With tacit approval from Vanguard, Furia returned to Praetoria with Icon Powers and ExGemini to try to find their missing friend. But their arrival was noticed by Neuron and lured Furia to the Magesterium to confront her about it. She was offered to become a praetor if she turned over Icon and ExGemini, but she refused. Neuron tried to kill her, but she managed to overwhelm him after learning that Neuron and Anti-Matter had been ordered to save her in First Ward but left her sister to die. The realization fueled her rage enough for her to overpower and defeat Neuron. As she forced her way out of the Magisterium, she was offered the same deal from a proxy to Emperor Cole with the added condition that if she refused him, she would never again be welcomed in Praetoria.

She gave her response by aiding Icon and ExGemini in the rescue of Midnight Arachnia and returning with Icon to the Primal Universe.

Primal Universe

Not long after her arrival in the Primal Universe, she was put under Vanguard observation.

She would later become a member of the newly-restored Guardians of the Dawn supergroup.

In "Guardians of the Dawn GRADUATION" #3, it was revealed that Furia was having problems adjusting to life in the Primal Universe. She was reprimanded several times for actions that were otherwise normal in Praetoria, and had to repeated go through the Vanguard indoctrination process.

During one of many counseling sessions, her Vanguard councilor made the observation that Furia never really "let go" of her Praetorian identity, noting that she still wore her Praetorian hero outfit and her Powers Division Investigator uniform. He suggested that she give herself a complete "do-over" so she can think of herself more as a citizen of Paragon City, and thus others would as well.

Destitution and the "New Guardian"

In "Furia and the Guardians" #1, Paragon City was attacked by both strange robots and a mysterious villain named Destitution. With most of the city's heroes battling the robots, Furia and Galatea took on Destitution. While Furia rescued a hero that was earlier defeated, Galatea took on Destitution. Even though Galatea could seemingly handle the villain by herself, she vanished in the middle of his onslaught. Furia felt obligated to step up and try to take down the villain.

During the battle, Furia recognized that Destitution was using Praetorian technology. As someone familiar with the devices and how they worked, she realized she was the only person there that could overcome them and defeat the brute. She did not realize that her actions were being broadcast all over the city, but that worked to her advantage as the citizens saw her declare herself a member of the Praetorian resistance and then defeat Destitution in a brutal battle.

Afterwards, Furia was considered the "New Guardian" of Paragon City, especially in light of Galatea's brief disappearance. Her hero-celebrity status allowed her to clear all red tape with Vanguard, and give her a new outfit as well as her new civilian identity.

Fiona Poderes

As part of her "do-over" through Vanguard, Furia was given a new civilian name, but she did not want to go back to her birth name of Faith. "Faith", in her mind, died when her father did in Praetoria.

In honor of Icon Powers and his civilian guise as "Kent Poderes", Furia chose the name "Fiona Poderes". ("Poderes" is Portuguese for "Powers".)

In her "civilian" guise, Fiona is Kent's niece from Wales. She was initially given a job as a case investigator for the Paragon Libertarian Society, but after she was badly injured in a confrontation with the Paragon City Police Department and was confined to bed for several weeks, "Fiona" lost her job.

She would later be given a new job as an investigator for the law firm of Loche and Key.

Powers and Abilities

Furia's primary ability is Kinetic Mêlée, otherwise known as "internal telekinesis". She can project telekinetic (TK) energy as bursts. Initially these were projected through her punches, but she has expanded this to include short projected bursts of TK energy. Her strength also increases exponentially the longer she is in battle, seemingly fueled by rage and anger.

Her secondary ability is Willpower. She can internalize her TK power to give herself additional protection from damage or to heal herself.

As part of her expanding TK ability, she can propel herself in the air to fly. It is speculated that this power only works when there is some sort of molecular surface to push off from, which means she could only use this power in the air or water. She would not be able to fly in a vacuum, such as in space, as there is no molecular surface to push from.

It is believed that further development of her ability would give her greater control her internal energies.


Furia spent most of her life in Praetoria dealing with pain and loss. The loss of her family, especially her father and her younger sister, haunts her even to this day. She still suffers from nightmares surrounding their deaths.

She has learned to keep her feelings and thoughts bottled up to keep from being audited by the Seers, which allowed her to keep the secret of her double-life with the Resistance, but it has also made helping her adjust to her new life even more difficult.

Furia has bottled rage and anger, which she is able to vent through her TK energy, but occasionally it comes out in other ways. She never had a social life in Praetoria, mostly because she viewed everyone with suspicion, and also because she spent her off-time helping the Resistance get First Ward citizens into Praetoria.

Related Information

Furia Powers first appears in Issue #12 of "The Guardian Powers". She would later be the central character in the "Guardians of the Dawn 2012 Special" and eventually take center stage in "Furia and the Guardians".

According to the character's creator, Furia was originally designed to be an alternate to Galatea Powers. At one point it was believed she would even possibly take over the central focus in "The Guardian Powers", although that would eventually happen in the regular series that followed.