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Crey Police Services, also known as Crey Private Police Department, are a subsidiary of Crey Industries and served as the predecessors to the Paragon Protectors.

Crey Police are private law enforcement, often brought in for security functions at special events. They have limited arrest powers and no power to search individuals or to seize property without first obtaining a court order.

Company History

Crey Police started as an extension of Crey Security, providing personal protection for executives and their families. As the Crey community expanded, though, it became obvious that they would need more than just "security" services, and certainly the Paragon City Police Department did not have the resources or the money to provide what Countess Crey deemed to be "adequate" protection.

The Crey Police Department initially started with former police officers from Paragon City, Providence, Boston, and even some from New York City. Unfortunately as the true details of this "protection" detail became more and more apparent, the more ethical officers realized that the only "protection" was for the company and its secrets, not for its employees and their families.

When Countess Crey put all of the company's resources towards its own superhero program, most of the money was taken from the Crey Police budget. Without the money to fund for training, insurance, legal defense, or even uniforms, the CPS were forced to fend for themselves and find "other sources" of revenue.

Corporate Blackmail

In 2008, the Crey Police were caught in a blackmail scheme being run in Independence Port, where business associates would be arrested on trumped-up charges and then their employers would "pay" to have those charges dismissed. Their scheme was eventually exposed after they tried to blackmail Kara Hamilton, an employee of The Icon, who was reportedly "rescued" by Leona Powers. Paragon Police then conducted an investigation, which resulted in a few arrests and convictions.


Rather than discontinue the program entirely following the scandal, Countess Crey personally gave the department one "last chance" as an organization. Placed under new leadership, the "new" Crey Police Department resumed with its original intent of providing police services with the ultimate goal of replacing the PPD.

Related Information

Crey Police were introduced in Issue #1 of "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight".