Countdown to Gawd Complex (KK)

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Countdown to Gawd Complex
Countdown to Gawd Complex
Author(s): TechSpider - KK Comics
Games: N/A
First Issue: Rona LIVE! Season 2, #1
Date Published: 2011
Last Issue: Confessions of A Teenage Blapper, Series Two, #2
Date Published: 2/21/2011
Total Number of Issues: 11
Main Character(s)
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Series Involved
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Additional Notes
Cross-Title Event #4 at KK Comics

"Countdown to Gawd Complex" is an eleven-part Cross-Title Storyline in the KK-Comics titles, that starts throughout the titles in October 2011.

It is a story line running the winter of 2011-12. It all starts with Rona Cosell and her being contacted by a mysterious stranger, and the story of their 'coming'. As the story unfolds, we will find out more.

Story History

10: Rona LIVE! Season 2, Episode 1


Summary: The new Season starts off with a bang. A mysterious stranger contacts Rona with a juicy story. (read)

9: Confessions of A Teenage Blapper Series 2, #1


Summary: Kinetic Kitten receives a cryptic message. And begins to investigate in Cimerora. (read)

8: Krushing on the Kitten #3


Summary: Krusher Kitten joins a new ally, Blast Lord, to gather information from Zombies. Special Guest from the Freedom Server, Blast Lord (read)

7: Rona LIVE!, Season 2 Episode 2


Summary: Blast Lord goes gets the info to Rona, Only for Rona to get 'real' with him. (read)

6: Master-Minding My Own Business, Series Two, Issue #2


Summary: TechSpider is returned to the Prime Dimension by Ghost Widow, but to Atlas Park. (read)

5: Malibu Dreams/Nightmares, Series Three, Issue #2


Summary: Teresa is caught mid-respawn, and has a very interesting conversation with Ghost Widow about the coming 'Gawdess'. (read)

4: Krushing on the Kitten Issue #4


Summary: Krusher infiltrates an Atlas Park warehouse, just to encounter a known villain after the same info.(read)

3: Rona LIVE! Season 2, Episode 3


Summary: Rona stumbles on Krusher's investigation, in middle of a Fashion Show?!?(read)

2: Confessions of A Teenage Blapper. Series Two, #2


Summary: Rona and The 'Goddess' are attacked by Anti-Kinetic Kitten! Paragon's Premiere Catgurl to the rescue? (read)

Links and Other Stuff

This is the fourth Cross-Title Storyline featured at KK-Comics. It is currently under creation, and the herald Story Arc for the re-launch of the KK-Comics Brand. It will count down Starting with 10, and ending with the 11th issue of the Story Arc, and a brand new title premiering at KK-Comics.

Countdown to Gawd Complex Storyline Arc at KK Comics