City of Heroes: Invasion

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The Invasion series has been discontinued and has been revamped into the Legacy of Sin series.

City of Heroes: Invasion

City of Heroes Invasion
City of Heroes: Invasion
Author: Michael Cividanes
Author Aliases: Torroes Prime
Games: City of Heroes
Genre: Action & Adventure
Series Type: DEFUNCT
Date Premiered: '09
Number of Issues: 3
Date of Last Issue: N/A
Average Issue Length: 21 pages
Main Cast
Torroes Prime, Trivolt, WhatsInYourCloset, Wicked Blue
Programs Used
No additional information available.

Issue 1.

It's been several weeks since the Rikti took control of the Earth. All semblence of the old world has been lost. Lines drawn in blood between hero and villain are no meaningless. Those that lead do so. Torroes Prime is one such individual and he now leads his allies in search of another lost comrade.

Issue 2

Torroes and his team have made their way into the heart of a Rikti controlled base where they believe Wicked Blue to be. With both Rikti troops, and enslaved Arachnos fighting them, the battle would be difficult enough. But it seems this base holds a few surprises for Torroes and his team mates.

Issue 3

Torroes has found his comrade Wicked Blue, but something is wrong. She attacks her friend and would be rescuer and speaks only in broken words and phrases. Torroes gives his team a dead line of ten minutes to find a way to save Wicked Blue, or Torroes will remove the need to rescue her...