City of Heroes: A Legacy of Sin

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Forward from the creator

This began as a story back in 2006. I knew from reading the information presented on the game that the Rikti would return and it would be a major even in the City of Heroes lore. Long before I-10 was even announced I decided to go ahead with my own story. I wanted it to be much darker and bleaker then the present in game story line and much more desperate, so I cast the story as a post-apocalyptic setting. The Rikti have already taken control of earth and the survivors were fighting to take it back. That was really the entire concept of what I started with for my "City of Heroes: Invasion" series.

Ironically it wasn't that story that was the subject of the comic I made. I made a short, 8 page plus cover entry for the Comic Creator contest NCsoft was sponsoring at the time. In that 8 pages I took a much smaller story, that I had set with in the context of Invasion and gave the first few pieces of it. Painting a story of mental instability and utter hatred set against a post apocalyptic world, I placed fourth with my entry. But I didn't give up. The original comic I made for the contest has since been lost due to technical problems, but I have been able to rebuild the majority of it from dated back ups. To see how far I've advanced, you can check out the remains of City of Heroes Invasion Cross-line. Over the course of the following 6 months I created a series of 3 issues of the invasion series using various techniques and tricks I learned. You can see a marked difference between each issue. But the deeper I got the more frustrated I became. The characters weren't reading to others the way I wanted them to, the back drop of the world didn't work, and I was putting in far too much extra dialog to explain things. Ultimately I scrapped the series all together and went back to the drawing board. This time instead of creating a situation and then trying to explain what happened after the fact, I took a lead from one of my favorite shows Babylon 5, and began work on a time line of events that lead up to the current story. In effect I created, or rather re-created, the world the story would take place in before I created the story. With a much more solid foundation of what the world looked like, and numerous books on story writing and comic design having been read, I felt I was ready to begin again.

Once more returning to my desire for a darker, gritter, more bleak setting, I strove to tell a story that was more substance then simply "Aliens invade, Heroes and villains work together to beat them". With a better idea of where I wanted to take the story, I dropped the "Invasion" title and adopted "A Legacy of Sin", both to show that there is more to this story then simply aliens and to imply that the events in the story are results of prior actions conducted by the characters in the story.

An open invitation from the creator

Legacy of Sin was always intended to be a world spanning, and world changing story. Much like a story about the World Wars, there are more stories to be told then just the one concerning Torroes Prime and Trivolt. My characters can not be everywhere, nor do I intend to attempt to make them be so. With this concept in mind, I'm offering an open invitation for other writers or aspiring Fan-comic artists to bring their characters into the Legacy of Sin world. Perhaps your character(s) would have been involved in the siege of Spider City. Maybe they worked with Vanguard during the last invasion. Perhaps they stayed loyal to Black Scorpion after Lord Recluse disappeared. Maybe they survived the bombing of Paragon but their friends didn't. There are plenty of points where you characters story can kick off from and I will do everything in my power to help with that process, but I will not write your story for you. If you contact me and say "Hey I want my toon in your comic" you're not going to get much of response from me. However, if you contact me and tell me that your character has been working with Longbow for a long time and was working on getting a promotion to Agin Court at the time Torroes attacked it so she has a hatred for Torroes, but has to put her personal hatred on the back burner because she was caught in the Rogue isles during the invasion, now you're getting somewhere. If you're interested in bringing your character(s) into the Legacy of Sin world, the first thing I recommend you do is download a copy of the Series bible and read it. That should give you a general over view of what the differences are between City of Heroes and A Legacy of Sin. Once you do that, you can toss me an email (Email) or grab me in game (my Global: @Torroes prime) and we'll talk.

City of Heroes: A Legacy of Sin

City of Heroes: A Legacy of Sin
Author: Michael Cividanes
Author Aliases: Torroes Prime
Games: City of Heroes
Genre: Action & Adventure
Series Type: Ongoing
Date Premiered: '11
Number of Issues: promo issue
Date of Last Issue: N/A
Average Issue Length: N/A
Main Cast
Torroes Prime, Trivolt, Scarlet Thundress, Bäcker, Aldobrindino Russo, Alex Dennings, Eric Kenner, Johnathan Samson, Cy-tor
Programs Used
City of Heroes, Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Belshior CoH Demo editor, Notepad, CoH Demo Analyzer, COH Demo launcher
No additional information available.

The Promo issue for Legacy of Sin.

We follow Torroes Prime, Trivolt, Scarlet Thundress and others has they make their way through the sewers in an effort to rescue Wicked Blue. Trivolt expresses his primary interest in the mission as one of profit while Torroes reminds Trivolt that his goal is to rescue his lost ally.

Book 1: Deception, Volume 1

Torroes and his team make their way into a Rikti controlled base searching for their lost ally, Wicked Blue, but darker enemies then the Rikti await them in the base.

The revamped Cross-Line one-shot that originally started the Invasion series

Once she was Amanda Cutter, an officer in Longbow. But that was before she died at the hands of Torroes Prime. Today she is Cross-Line. An assassin out for vengeance. Now, in the depth of the invasion, earth is under Rikti control and still Cross-Line continues her quest for vengeance.