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The City of Comic Creators Compendium is a collective production by the members of the City of Comic Creators group. The list of authors varies and serves as a sampler of each of the different comic series by the authors. These could be scenes from current comic issues, previews to future comic issues, or completely original productions using the characters from that series.

City of Comic Creators Compendium
Author: varies
Author Aliases: '
Games: City of Heroes
Genre: varies
Series Type: Ongoing
Date Premiered: '
Number of Issues: 6
Date of Last Issue: 07/12
Average Issue Length: varies
Main Cast
Programs Used
Also known as the JAM

Comic Issues

Issue 1


Issue 1: Featuring The Spectacular Sparky, Sin Stalker, and Kinetic Kitten (read)

Issue 2


Issue 2: Featuring Doc Midnight, Dr. Lore, and the Legendary J-Man (read)

Issue 3


Issue 3: Featuring Doc Midnight, Sin Stalker, and J-Ranger (read)

Issue 4


Issue 4: The special European Edition (read)

Issue 5


Issue 5: Featuring Stalktress, Neo-Chamber, and the Guardians of the Dawn (read)

Issue 6


Issue 6: Featuring Rona Cosell, The New Allied Fighters, and Part 1 of a 2-part story from Tales from Paragon City (Read)

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