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| image =[[File:MDU_Origins Cover_Issue_1-DOC_REV_B.jpg|300px|thumb]]
| caption =MDU Comics first Latest Issue :Major Deej Universe #1
| name =[[File:Major Deej Universe Logo-Small.png|300px]]
| author =Major Deej
| author aliases =[[user:majordeej]]
| games =City of Heroes (art)
| related games =City of Heroes (art)
| genre =Superhero/villain
| series type =Adventure & Drama, Team and Solo Titles
| date premiered = 27 Jan 2016 (Major Deej Universe Origins #1)
| number of issues= Major Deej Universe Origins (1)
| date of last issue =N/A
| average issue length =30 pages
| main cast  =Chronos Prime
| websites =http://www.majordeejuniverse.com/
| programs used =MS Word/Adobe Acrobat
| footnotes = Created from Major Deej Universe characters
'''Major Deej Universe: Origins''' is a comic book series of Major Deej Universe (MDU) characters and their origins.
Published by '''Major Deej Comics'''[http://www.majordeejuniverse.com], this series was created to introduce the Major Deej Universe, its characters and its worlds to the MDU fanbase.
PREMIERE ISSUE!  "It All Begins Here".  The history of the Major Deej Universe as told by the cosmic purveyor of time and space, Chrono Prime.  Learn everything you want, and didn't want, to know about the exciting and dynamic Major Deej Universe!
Major Deej Universe: Origins - Issue #1: [[File:MDU_Origins_Issue_1.pdf|600px]]
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