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New Allied Fighters Issue 9 Cover - small.jpg
MDU Comics first Latest Issue :New Allied Fighters Issue #9-The Gathering
Major Deej Universe Comics Banner.png
Author: Major Deej
Author Aliases: user:majordeej
Games: City of Heroes (art)
Genre: Superhero/villain
Series Type: Adventure & Drama, Teaam and Solo Titles
Date Premiered: 12 Feb 2012 (New Allied Fighters Issue #1)
Number of Issues: New Allied Fighters (9), MDU Presents (in progress)
Date of Last Issue: July 2013 (New Allied Fighters Issue #9)
Average Issue Length: 40 pages
Main Cast
The New Allied Fighters, MDU Presents
Programs Used
MS Word/Adobe Acrobat
Created with Major Deej Universe and CoH characters

Major Deej Universe Comics Banner.png

Major Deej Universe Comics is a currently cancelled comic book line related to the Major Deej Universe[1] and Major Deej Comics[2] group of characters and stories.

Originally created in 2010, The MDU Comics line was designed specifically to introduce screenshoted material from the City of Heroes (CoH) MMORPG and place the images and characters from the Major Deej Universe into an applicable team or solo story setting. With the advent of the game's Mission Architect program, most of the story lines in MDU Comics could be scripted and screenshoted through mission creation. Since then, CoH has been shutdown by NCSoft, but thousands of screenshots were made beforehand.

On 1 July 2015, MDU Comics was renamed to Major Deej Comics. The new Major Deej Comics line still writes MDUverse stories, but has divorced the CoHverse content from the storytelling.

Major Deej Universe Comics was the source publisher for its one series, "New Allied Fighters"[3].

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