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The Blind Unit was a secret division with the Paragon City Police Department under then-Chief Conrad Bochco. This was one of several "secret divisions", with this one serving as Bochco's personal enforcement unit, dealing with those deemed "troublemakers".

They were dubbed the "Blind Unit" by the stern warning issued to witnesses of their activities.

"You saw nothing, period."

The members of the Blind Unit were all former soldiers in the Rikti Invasion of 2002, trained to fight and kill on sight anyone or anything deemed "dangerous". Bochco recruited them as his personal security detail, officially given PPD credentials and ranking to avoid a jurisdictional conflict.

At first, the Blind Unit targeted the "worst of the worst" when it came to criminals. This included gang leaders, recruiters for The Lost, rogue Rikti stragglers, and those bosses in The Family that dared to venture back to Paragon City. If they dared to venture out in the open, the Blind Unit were given free reign to shoot-on-sight. Witnesses were easily silenced.

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Related Information

In an alternate future, the Blind Unit was resurrected following the return of Chief Bochco to the PPD. One of their first actions was the very-public daylight assassination of the Libertarian Avenger, which would end any hope of resurrecting the Guardians of the Dawn hero group.