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There are many versions of the mythical city of Atlantis and the Atlantean people, especially across different games. But even within the same game world it is ultimately up to the author and creators to decide what is their canon and what isn't. Many authors like to have their universe shared and acknowledge events that occur in other people's comics. This is extremely fun and completely optional. You can acknowledge other people's versions of Atlantis or you can ignore it. You can be in the same universe as another people's comic or your universe can exist in a universe where everything is the same, except for one detail or another. In other words, you can acknowledge all of their work and events or some of them. It is your comic!

This article should merely be a jumping off point to other's versions of Atlantis and the Atlantean people. If your comic series has something that differs from another creator, please link it here and name in "( )" your series or production company after the title Atlantis. Below, please provide a link to your altantean page as well as a short description. Please see examples below.


  • Atlantis (JK Comics) - An alien race flees their home planet of Taos and arrives on Earth before the dawn of human civilization. Respecting all life and refusing to become what they escaped from, the people of Taos (Et Lan Toas) hid within the ocean, avoiding man and avoiding interfering with their development. They are a logical and science focus society of peace, equality, and intellectual advancement.